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Are there any travel programs that teach English?

Are you planning to travel or travelling to another country for either studies or employment or simply on a holiday? You will no doubt ask yourself “Is there any travel programmes that teach English?” “Or the way I can learn English to use specifically on my travels?” if so the answer is a resounding yes. There are many ways to learn English, more specifically English phraseology and terminology for use whilst travelling.

English for travelling is essential. Even if you are travelling to a non-English speaking country, you will soon find that you need at least some rudimentary English skills to speak to the airline staff, hotel staff, taxi drivers and the like. You will also need some level of English to use in certain situations when interacting with locals such as when asking for directions, requesting price information, asking about locations or in an emergency. As such, it is vital to know some degree of English.

You may ask yourself how you may set about doing this. If yours is a preference to learn in a classroom environment, then you may choose to attend a crash course set up for students intending to travel. These are usually offered by reputed education institutes and usually follow a set curriculum to teach the necessary phraseology required for travel programmes. Such classes however require a considerable time commitment from students who will need to stick to a structured course regimen i.e. class schedules, homework and practice. The group nature of these classes however offers students the chance to practice their English within a circle of peers and provides an element of face to face exposure.

Students who prefer to self-learn may try purchasing phrase books or DVDs to learn English for travel. These English video lessons will teach students the basics of what phrases to use and in what situations to use them. However, the best option available to students for learning English for travel is to look no further than the internet, where many resources are available. One of the best of such resources is English Club TV. The site offers students a range of travel programmes designed to teach students English phraseology to use in travel situations as well as a means of providing an insight into some of the more popular tourist destinations. Travel programmes such as “Fairy Travelling” and “E-lab. Survival English” are excellent examples of this.