elementary English

The Use of Elementary English in Communication

English has become an incredibly useful language in the world today. Due to many reasons the need to speak at least some elementary English has become essential for success in many areas such as business, studies, commerce and medicine. To learn to speak English fluently, students must take the time to learn the basics of the language.

A good place to start is for students to focus on learning the basic tenses i.e. present, past, future, etc. Learn the most common tenses with include the afore-mentioned tenses, as well as present continuous and past continuous. The mastering of these five tenses will enable students to communicate clearly and be understood by the listener. These are easy to learn and follow a few simple formulae. Having successfully mastered these tenses, a student can then move onto the more complex tenses. The present perfect, past perfect and present perfect continuous are supplementary to the five primary tenses, and one can speak elementary English even without a full knowledge of these tenses.

Students must also focus on phrases such as “be going to” and “get” as these are used commonly in the day to day English speech. They often replace the future tense in modern spoken English. Students should focus on the varied use of the term “be going to” in the three main tenses, the past, present and future. A somewhat confusing term in the English language is the term “get.” It is a word that can have several different meanings depending on the context used. For example the term “get” can either mean “to obtain”, “to have”, to purchase” or “to understand” depending on the context used. Understanding the various uses of these terms will help students communicate in a more efficient manner.

Students should also practice phrasal verbs, such as “go up,” “get off,” etc. These are verbs that combine with either prepositions or adverbs as this is another very common aspect of spoken elementary English. Students mastering these nuances of the English language will find that they can talk elementary English in no time. One of the best ways to practice and learn these nuanced tenses is via the internet that offers many useful resources for students. Of the best and unique sites is English Club TV or ECTV, which offers students a myriad of different programmes that teach students the nuances and subtleties of elementary English.