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Teaching kids English online effectively

English has fast become the most dominant language in the world and is currently in the top 10 most spoken languages thus becoming the lingua franca in many countries. Many non-native English speaking parents know full well the importance of teaching children English at a young age and have often asked themselves how they can effectively teach their children English. There are many ways in which to do this. Any parent considering this task should focus mainly on how to adapt the lessons to suit their children’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre. To do this, a parent must use a level of English suited to the children’s age and select topics that will hold a child’s attention. It is always good to consider that children have a natural ability to learn languages from a very early stage.

Parents who are looking to teach their children English as a second language should customise the lessons to their children’s age and native culture. Include things such as cultural and religious events and holidays. It will help children relate to the lesson and understand its content more thoroughly. Parents should also teach the children English as if they were teaching them their first language, not differentiating the two will help the children learn English in a more natural and faster manner.

Other options are parents can try using conversation, games and music to teach children English. Teach the child about concepts such as asking permission, asking directions, manners, etc., role playing such scenarios in English will help children learn English in a more natural manner. Children are more inclined to learn a new language if it is taught to them in the form of games and music. Action games such as “Simon Says,” and “London Bridge” make learning a language enjoyable for children.

The best option by far however for parents considering teaching their children English as a second language is available via the internet. There are many resources available that teaches English online for children, one that is unique and stands out is English Club TV. Also known as ECTV parents can access tv-english.club and avail themselves of the many interesting programs available for kids as part of the site’s “Kids Module”. Programmes such as “Art Land”, “Kids in Action” and “Word Party” will make teaching English online an exciting and enjoyable activity for both children and parents.