Improve English

Improve English with online video lessons from ECTV!

Your child’s knowledge of English can be at any level. It can be basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced. With ECTV, kids can start taking lessons straightaway at any level, and we guarantee that their improvement begins then and there. Contrary to classroom lectures that struggle to improve youngster’s English with boring lessons and exercises, we at ECTV use entertaining videos here. You sit by your PC, select the video you want to watch and click play. ECTV takes care of the rest.

We believe videos can change the way parents try to improve English in their kids. There are several reasons for that. For one, children do not want to learn things the way we want. They want to learn it in a manner that agrees with their whims and fancies. They prefer fun activities; not lessons. They like to know about new things; not textbook information. They love virtual assistants whom they can avoid easily; not teachers. As parents, we should understand this child psychology.

ECTV knows this. We never make it appear to them that we are ‘teaching’ English. Instead, we bring the fun and make our viewers curious. Kids watching our videos do not feel bored. They enjoy themselves. Improvement in English takes effect underneath the enjoyment.

The second reason is; affordability. Imagine heaps of money you spend on your kid’s books, classes, class time snacks and travelling expenses. You can’t altogether avoid this expenditure as kids have to go classes. But you can significantly reduce the money and time spent on their English classes with ECTV English video lessons. They would save hours of legwork, lectures, and exercises.

Parents can participate in ECTV lessons too as even they can watch it together with their children. They can watch it beforehand and decide whether it would agree to their kids’ knowledge level. After watching the video, they can bring it out to a family discussion. Everyone would naturally join in, and this would automatically create a learning environment at home. A learning environment is what most homes lack but desperately require. In this regard, ECTV video lessons do an excellent job to improve English in young students.

ECTV programmes with the focus to improve English are unlimited. ECTV programmes cover every facet of English language. Grammar, Spelling, Pronunciation, Wordings, Listening capabilities, you name it we have it. Talented programme casters host ECTV shows and international teachers assist students who participate in ECTV videos. All ECTV videos are supported with English subtitles to make it more user-friendly. Learning English is now child’s play!