English Lessons

How can I teach my kids good quality English Lessons?

As non-native English speaking parents, it will no doubt be your fondest wish to teach your children to speak and write proper English. With it in mind, you would probably ask yourself “how can I teach my children proper English lessons.” Most teachers will tell you that teaching effective English lessons are one of the hardest tasks to accomplish especially when it comes to teaching children. The reasons are plenty, but at the root of all this is one inalienable truth. Children will more often than not find a “by the book” English lesson dry and boring. Given a child’s limited attention span, it goes to demonstrate that once they label a lesson as boring, the odds of their absorbing any learning from it diminish drastically.

It does not necessarily need to be the case. Teaching children English can be fun and rewarding experience for both teacher and students. The first thing a parent or teacher needs to do is to prepare. Reading all about what you want to teach a child is the best possible way to know. Make extra sure you are thorough with your subject matter and be as confident as possible in your knowledge of the subject. Do not let any hint of doubt or uncertainty through, as children are quick to pick up on it and in the event they do, the task of teaching becomes all the more difficult.

English lessons designed by native teachers on English Club TV are very useful and structured well to motivate children to learn without them realising it is a learning lesson.

You should also try to create a strategy to stimulate your child. Straight forward book teaching tends to bore young children very fast, instead find ways to teach them the same principals, but in the form of games. For example, if you intend to teach children the parts of speech, make a game out of it. Give the children a set of words, which, of course, includes all four types of words, and ask them to make sentences out of it. You will soon find that they will learn about the four types of words in no time.

One of the best ways in making learning fun for children is to utilise the internet. An undoubtedly useful tool in any teacher’s arsenal is the internet. It has a near infinite source of making English lessons fun activities for children. One such best website is English Club TV. Parents or teachers can go to https://tv-english.club/ and choose from a multitude of shows for children from their “Kids Module.” All of which are specifically designed to teach English for children aged 3-16.