English for Kids

Teaching English for Kids can be a Fun learning activity

It is a well-known fact that the best time to teach a second language such as English for a kid is, as a child. Children have the innate ability to use the same skills they develop when learning their native language when learning a second language as well. English is by far the best language choice any parent can make as far as second languages go as it is commonly used all over the world. It is considered an international language of choice by many.

Once parents have decided on English as a second language for their children, the inevitable question of how to teach English for kids arises. There are many options available to parents aside from the traditional classroom or school options. Parents themselves may choose to be fully involved and hands on in this exercise. They can take it upon themselves to teach their children at home either independently of the school or as an additional boost to the child’s learning curriculum in school.

Whatever the approach, parents are advised to use songs to introduce English to their children. Music is a fantastic teaching tool and is an excellent method of getting children to absorb the language, like adding a melody is a proven way of enhancing the amount of learning absorbed by children. The “Alphabet Song” is a particularly good example of this. It is an easy and proven way for children to learn the English alphabet. As the child’s learning progresses, parents may introduce them to more complex songs such as nursery rhymes and then traditional children’s songs such as “Old McDonald had a farm.”

Parents may also use animated stories and images such as flash cards to teach children to associate objects with names thereby teaching children to identify objects in English. Once a child has sufficiently progressed parents can then turn to the internet. It is the most valuable resource for teaching English for kids. One of the best online resources available to date is English Club TV, whose special section for children, accessible from https://tv-english.club is designed specifically for kids aged 3 – 16. Offering programmes such as “Art Land,” “Word Party,” “My Little World” and “Kids in Action,” are designed to develop a child’s attentiveness and abstract thinking. It improves vocabulary and develops memory and creativity as well. The ECTV kid’s module is a fun activity and makes learning English enjoyable by way of its visually stunning and appealing educational cartoons as well as employing the latest educational practices for teaching English for kids and teenagers.