English rules

How can I teach my child English rules?

Any immigrant parent or for that matter a native English speaking parent is well aware of the importance of teaching children English rules. This being said any parent today knows how daunting a task this is. Firstly because there are an immense number of rules for each aspect of the language, from pronunciation to grammar to spelling and further complicating this is the equally varied exceptions to these rules. Secondly, all parents know that children will inevitably find learning these rules and exceptions long winded and boring. However, it is best not to get intimidated by this task. Teaching English for kids is a fun and engaging task for both parents and children alike if considered in that manner.

At the onset, parents should expose their children to proper English, both spoken and written. Children have been known to have an innate ability to develop an understanding of grammar rules, etc. on their own with adequate exposure to the language. It inevitably entails making sure that you as a parent speaks and write English correctly, thereby setting a practical example for children to emulate. Also, as part of a child’s exposure to proper English, parents should encourage their children to develop a reading habit. As the more a child reads, the more he or she will absorb good grammar.

Parents should also teach the theoretical aspects of English rules to children in a systematic and measured way. When considering this approach parents should be aware of how much information their children can retain and structure the lessons in such a way that children do not get inundated with too much information at once. Instead parents should break down each lesson into mini-lessons and focus individually on the particular skill you want your children to learn. For example, when teaching grammar rules, make each rule a lesson and give the child examples and tasks relating to that particular rule until they have fully understood it.

Furthermore, parents should also engage their children’s attention to the lesson by making it as fun and interactive as possible. A good way to get about this is via the internet. There are numerous websites that help teach children English rules. One of the best sites is the popular English Club TV or more popularly known as ECTV. Parents can visit their site at tv-english.club with their children and watch any of the shows. On the site is the “Kids Module,” which features shows such as “Word Party,” “My Little World” and “Art Land.” All these shows are interestingly designed specifically with English for kids in mind.