spoken english for kids

How to teach spoken English for kids?

As of today, English has fast become the world’s most commonly spoken language and many parents have found themselves asking the question “How do I teach spoken English for kids?” It is mainly because children who learn how to speak proper English at a young age will gain numerous advantages as they grow older. It is seen compared to those not given a solid foundation in their knowledge of English. The best approach, when considering teaching a child English is constant practice and endless creativity.

The best way to expose a child to the English language aside from a classroom environment is at home. As a child will spend more time at home in comparison to other locations except the classroom, it is advisable that parents speak English at home to increase the child’s exposure to the language. The more a child’s family members speak English around the child the more likely he or she is to become familiar with the language. It is due in large to the innate ability growing children have to pick up and learn from their surroundings. Even guests to the household should be encouraged to speak English in front of the child as this will expose children to new phrases and words they may not hear from family members. It is important, however, to note that when speaking English in the presence of a child one should take the utmost care to speak as correctly as possible. Children just as easily learn improper English as they would proper English, proving the importance of teaching correct spoken English for kids.

Parents should also expose their children to educational games such as scrabble and Pictionary (in English). Such games will certainly help children, as well as adults, improve their vocabulary. Another method of immersing one’s children in the English language is to encourage them to integrate English into physical activities such as chores and play time.

In keeping with the online culture of today’s networked society, parents can also teach children spoken English by exposing them to suitable online resources for learning spoken English. One of the best such resources available to a parent is English Club TV. Parents can take their children to tv-english.club and subscribe to their “Kids Module”, which features programs specially designed to help children improve their English. The TV show format of programmes such as “Crafty Hands” and “Word Party” ensures children are engaged and entertained thus enabling them to learn at their pace.