English for Children

Simply and Beautifully – Teaching English for Children

Sometimes, teaching English for children may be frustrating. Especially, when teachers use the wrong method of teaching, more and more difficulties arises which more often prevent young people from learning English. Therefore, it is important to use proper techniques for teaching English in classrooms and even at home. The teaching methods must take into account the psychological side of children’s behaviour if they are to make any positive effect on the learning habits of children.

Attractive classrooms

The class for teaching English to students should be appealing to the eyes of a child. Beauty does not mean having a lot of bright colours and large pictures of mystifying scenery. All colours and images should be from the world of children. The classroom must be with a manageable number of children, comfortable and a happy place for children. The classroom must comprise of an atmosphere-oriented for English-learning. Small words under beautiful pictures and simple present tense sentences and little pleasurable commands will add to the overall picture.

Outside classrooms

Creating a place that provides calmness and happiness outside of classrooms as much as possible also helps to teach children English. The components of activities that kids like to get involved with must also take their place in the garden. Innocent pets such as parrots, cats and birds also encourage children to attend classes regularly and effectively learn words.

Reading stories

Children enjoy listening to stories. Fairytales, pure fiction, folktales, are absorbing and what makes them learn English words quickly. Therefore, when teaching kids English, teachers should read them small stories from books. By reading as many short stories that children enjoy listening will make them forget that they are learning a language. Eventually, they will learn some words, how to use them and pronounce them correctly.


Drawing is another fulfilling activity to teach English. Teachers can use pictures with simple English words and ask children to redraw them on their own. In this way, they can grasp the phrase on images in a way that they will never forget. Teachers can also ask children to use different colours for their sketches and teach them the appropriate words for colours. Children can be encouraged to request friends to share colours by using the names of colour.

Engaging in simple activities

Making them participate in simple activities such as dancing, jumping, running, playing, etc., also helps children learn English. They will get to know English words for different activities and related words. Most active children prefer learning languages in this way. However, the safety of the children has to be correctly provided.


Kids will quickly learn by reading. According to their level of knowledge, teachers must give them simple story books or interesting paragraphs to read. Short story books with a lot of pictures can help children learn English effectively.

Simple exercises

Simple English tests such as puzzles, searching words, sentence making, selecting the right words, making group word plays are proven useful methods of teaching. But, English exercises can put off some children from learning the language. Therefore, their level of knowledge and attitude towards such activities must be taken into account before giving them any complicated exercises.