great britain anthem

The Great Britain Anthem among the World’s Respected National Anthems

Many important events and celebrations are marked musically by featuring the respective national anthem of the country. Be it the World cup of a particular sport, a Wedding of a VIP or a nation’s Independence day, all these kick-off by initially playing the national anthem. It’s the ‘done thing’, all over the world and is widely accepted tradition.

Here is a brief selection of some of the national anthem’s of each country and the history behind it.

France (La Marseillaise) – This anthem was written during the time of the French Revolution, it still makes people’s hairs stand on ends. This anthem was written as the European powers were invading, France. The anthem written by writer Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, is said to inspire many patriotic young soldiers at the time.

Great Britain (God Save the Queen) – The anthem is significant and traditional, a common factor of the Monarchy. The Great Britian anthem is also used by the Commonwealth, today and goes beyond to 1744. However, a keyboard piece by John Bull in 1619, has also identified as being the foundation for this anthem. When played together with the best instruments, there is nothing more powerful than a fellow countryman hearing the words of ‘God Save the Queen’.

Canada (O Canada) – The anthem was first written in French and was later translated in 1906 into English and has since been revised, many times. The anthem was first performed 1880 and was officially treated as the national anthem of Canada in the year 1980, even though it was used before, for state affairs.

Russia – This anthem was revised many times. Created in 1944 it has a long history. In 2000, the President of Russia changed the lyrics, which makes it a very long yet emotional anthem. The anthem is not copyrighted and therefore, can be modified and changed freely.

The United States of America (Star-Spangled Banner) – It was first composed by Francis Scott Key in 1812, when the American’s were victorious against the British. The American Flag is reassembled in the lyrics of the anthem. The anthem was declared the national anthem of the United States of America only in 1931.

Germany (Deutschlandlied) – The anthem became official in 1922. Initially penned in 1841, and in 1871, prior to Germany’s initial unification, the first verse being banned because it was linked to the Nazi regime. Today, only a part of the national anthem is used.

This is simply a brief list of the national anthems and is not featured in any particular order. Every country’s national anthems is unique, represents its culture and history and is loved and respected by its citizens.


An event [ɪˈvɛnt] to treat [triːt]
respective [rɪˈspɛktɪv] lyrics [ˈlɪrɪks]
an anthem [ˈanθəm] copyright [ˈkɒpɪrʌɪt]
to kick-off [ˈkɪkɒf] therefore [ˈðɛːfɔː]
initially [ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)li] to spangle [ˈspaŋɡ(ə)l]
to invade [ɪnˈveɪd] victorious [vɪkˈtɔːrɪəs]
significant [sɪɡˈnɪfɪk(ə)nt] to reassemble [riːəˈsɛmb(ə)l]
The Commonwealth [ˈkɒmənwɛlθ] to pen [pen]
a fellow [ˈfɛləʊ] prior [ˈprʌɪə]
a countryman [ˈkʌntrɪmən] unification [ˌjuːnɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n]
to revise [rɪˈvʌɪz] a regime [reɪˈʒiːm]