Oxford City

Oxford City – Quiet during the Day and Vibrant At Night

Quite a few great figures of literary such as Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis lived in Oxford city. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass while living in this town. He had met the charming girl Alice Liddell in the city of Oxford.  It is a belief that Carroll may have been inspired to write Alice’s Wonderland because of Alice Liddell. The Poet William Morris also lived here and his mansion, ‘Kelmscott Manor’, attracts millions of tourists to the city every day. One of the greatest baroque houses in England, Blenheim Palace, is also a prominent location that daily attracts many hundreds of tourists.

Visitors can enjoy some world class restaurants in the city, and one of them is the world famous Old Parsonage Hotel. The hotel hosted Oscar Wilde at one time, and it was in the hotel’s history that the famous author had refreshed his body and soul at the Eagle and Child Pub of the hotel. JRR Tolkien and his literary followers had also met at the “the Inklings” known to be an informal meeting place from the 1930s to the late 1940s. The star restaurant ‘Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons is another fantastic spot located in Great Milton for dining and wining.

The City of Oxford is famous for England’s Oldest University. There are 38 colleges in the university named after global leaders, saints and literary giants. The visitors can also feel the life of prisoners jailed in underground crypts if they visit this 9-century-old Oxford Castle. The first museum opened to the public, ‘Ashmlean Museum’, built in 1883 is also within the city of Oxford.  The city of Oxford also boasts many world historic architectural marvels.  The City of the Dreaming Spires as Poet Matthew described is one of them.

Oxford City

The Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford Chamber Music Festival and Oxford Jazz Festival are some of the famous festivals that Visitors to the city can see. The shooting locations for the Harry Potter series are also within the City of Oxford. When approaching most of these famous places such as The Grand Hall, Christ Church College, Bodleian Library, Blenheim Palace, and New College, will bring back vivid memories of Harry Potter to the minds of visitors.’

The city of Oxford is mostly silent during the day. But, when night falls, it comes alive and gets busy with thousands of people haunting nightclubs, illuminated bars and musical carnivals. ‘02 Academy’ on Cowley Road is the best place for those who love attending music shows. Visitors can find watering holes which are world famous on George and Magdalen Streets. State of the art 2D and 3D format cinemas one such is the Odeon cinema are also in the vicinity. The Covered Market boasts of hundreds of small shops that sell a variety of goods from garments to books. Oxford Botanic Garden is also a must visit location. While visiting the garden, it is wonderfully mesmerizing to look at engraved grotesques and gargoyles on buildings that surround the park.