walks in cheshire

Magnificent Walks in Cheshire

There are over hundreds of walks in Cheshire for locals and visitors to enjoy alike. It is a familiar scene to see many families and individuals walking along these scenic paths in the mornings and evenings. There are many tour organisers who will guide those who visit the city for the first time to walk along these picturesque tracks of Cheshire and the surrounding towns. Energetic youth can walk along long rustic distances while feeble and less enthusiastic people can take walks along even paths and indulge in enjoyable activities such as bird watching, swimming, hiking or other family sports.

One of the great walks is Alsager that runs about a 6-mile-long distance (10km). The Alsager route provides easy walking on paths where the elderly can walk along with their family members. The trail starts from New Horse Shoe Pub and Lawton Heath End. The Alsager Chamber of Trade has built this route to include many off-roads and tracks for cycling. Visitors can park their vehicles at the New Horseshoe Public House.

The Nelson Pit Walk 4 is about 2 miles (3.2). A walk along this route can take about one hour. The route begins at the Nelson Pit Visitor Centre and walking on this road is quite easy. The Nelson Pit produces coal. There are cotton mills in Marple while Bollington produces coal from the pit. The Macclesfield silk mills are another location to visit. The Wide Hole is a large lake in this area. The Poynton Coppice natural forest is at the end of the route.

For those wanting to go on an easy walk, the Borrow Pit Meadow of Alsager Series No. 4 is another fabulous location. The route begins from Lawton Heath End towards the north of Alsager. Visitors can also take a train ride from Kidsgrove and Crewe to this place. Walkers can see many beautiful pools and a range of mesmerizing country sights along the way. The Ashley Rail Trail Route starts from the Ashley Railway Station. The length of the walk is about five miles. Anyone can finish a walk along it in about two hours. The Ashley Rail Trail runs evenly and through footpaths in Ryecroft and Birkin farms.

A beautiful location for walking, suitable for all ages is Marbury Country Park. The park provides enchanting sights of woodlands and the Budworth Mere. As spring blossoms, every tree in the park is dressed with new leaves and flowers thus offering an entirely green canopy overhead for walkers. Birding groups can reach bird habitats too within the park and the many routes that direct visitors to less explored areas of the park. The cities of Northwich and Warrington provide permanent bus services to the park. Visitors can park their vehicles at the park from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for a fee.

More interesting walking tours in Cheshire include the White Gateway, Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve, Biddulph Valley Way, Weaver Park Way, Delamere Forest Walkways, Chelford Village Walk and the Bluebell Cottage Circular Walk. There are also the Marbury Country Walk Nantwich Riverside Park, Malkins Bank Circular Walk, Wheelock Rail Trail, Bollin Valley Way, Trans Pennine Trail, Nelson Pit Walk 5 and the Nantwich Riverside Loop.


Magnificent [maɡˈnɪfɪs(ə)nt] a vehicle [ˈviːɪk(ə)l]
a walk [wɔːk] a pit [pɪt]
alike [əˈlʌɪk] coal [kəʊl]
scenic [ˈsiːnɪk] a cotton mill [ˈkɒt(ə)n mɪl]
a path [pɑːθ] silk [sɪlk]
picturesque [ˌpɪktʃəˈrɛsk] to mesmerize [ˈmɛzmərʌɪz]
a track [trak] a footpath [ˈfʊtpɑːθ]
rustic [ˈrʌstɪk] enchanting [ɪnˈtʃɑːntɪŋ]
feeble [ˈfiːb(ə)l] woodland [ˈwʊdlənd]
to indulge [ɪnˈdʌldʒ] a canopy [ˈkanəpi]
a chamber [ˈtʃeɪmbə] a gateway [ˈɡeɪtweɪ]
an off-road [ɒfrəʊd] a weaver [ˈwiːvə]