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How to effectively read english books

All who sooner or later begin to learn English, want to read fluently and correctly. You must develop this skill from the very beginning of training and gradually improve it.

To enjoy the reading process and benefit from it, you should choose the right book that would be interesting for you. There are several criteria for doing this. We will describe them in this article.

Rely on your level of knowledge of the English language

Choose a book depending on your interests, but do not forget to take into account your level of English. Easy books for children are suitable for those who are just beginning to learn English (textbooks and special adapted literature). But popular-science literature is the best for Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels with a large vocabulary and complex grammar. For example, you can read such books as «Little Women» by Louisa May Alcott, «Harry Potter» by J. K. Rowling, «Alice in Wonderland» by Lewis Carroll, etc.

Work with unknown words

Remember that learning new words in the context is much easier. So, write down unfamiliar words along with the sentences in the context of which they are used. If you do not want to stop reading, then first go over several pages and find words that you do not know, write down the sentences that include them. Read, referring to the dictionary only at the most critical moments.

Read aloud as often as possible

Reading aloud, you practice your pronunciation. Learn the pronunciation rules. Do not try to read as quickly as possible. Read slowly, pause, use the dictionary where there is a transcription to learn how to pronounce the phrases correctly.

Read regularly

Regular reading helps to keep your knowledges of English, especially if you study the language with interruptions. Try to read at least 5 pages every day. If your level of English is basic, try to start with a book that you have already read in your native language. If your level is Intermediate or higher, select a book that you are not familiar with yet. An interesting story will make you regularly return to the book.

5 books that must be read in the original language:

— «A Farewell to Arms» by Ernest Hemingway;
— «Fahrenheit 451» by Ray Bradbury;
— «The Great Gatsby» by F. Scott Fitzgerald;
— «The Jungle Book» by Rudyard Kipling;
— «Jane Eyre» by Charlotte Brontë.