English fashion

High-quality English fashion

English fashion leads the way with new global trends in the field of clothing items. Princess Diana, Duchess Kate and celebrities in Cinema have taken England forward in the fashion world paving the way for others to follow. In a way, the fashion trends in England have always shown forward thinking characteristics when compared to the trends in the world of fashion than other countries. Even fashion designers in countries such as France, Italy, India, and Australia, who are considered trendsetters in the field follow British fashion design when they create their designs.

English Spring Fashion

Slip dresses are the fashion trends for this spring. The slip dress was an old style, but it has come back as a modern trend. With lace added to transparent chiffon and finished with gorgeous knits, the slip dress has become the first choice of many fashion-minded ladies for spring. They opt for loose floral trousers as well. These new silhouettes are marvellous for wearing in spring.

Patchwork dresses are also the trend for spring. They are cute and show the conventionally sophisticated lady in them. Ruffles have also become a key trend for spring and more importantly, are their quality materials.   Stripes accompanying beautiful graphics are also in the trend. They have stripped and scattered lines. Many use shiny fabrics as well. They are cooler and well suited for festive occasions.

Oversized Jackets with wellies and tracksuits has also come back this spring. Embroidered rucksack with short sleeve tops and shorts fabulously match slim women. Most young women wear these in spring. Teenagers are seen wearing big round spectacles and high heels. They wear big bangles and chunky necklaces that match their overall appearance.

Graphic bags are also the modern trend these days. They come in various colours and multiple leather strips with enough compartments. Cute for ladies, these colourful bags are suitable for carrying to the office or even festivities. Extra long earrings have invaded this spring again. They are in many shapes and reach the delicate shoulders of wearers in a pleasant manner. With all these, Haute Couture sandals in different colours have made the young look trendy.

Popular Brands of English Fashion

The famous brand Reiss has made quite a fashion wave these days. Many celebrities wear them for important occasions as well as festive events. Another less famous name Beulah has also clinched a real niche this season. Alexander McQueen and Wills fashion products are also in the lead in this season. Silhouettes, Corsetry and similar fashion designs have their share of the fashion market like they did in the past. LK Bennett shoe collection has started to carve a prominent place in the hearts of ladies this season.

Zara is another favourite brand of wardrobe. Blazers, blouses, necklaces, and many more are available under the exclusive Zara brand. Mulberry bags also reached its zenith of popularity in 2016 with their Polly Push lock and Araline in bright colours. J. Brand skinnies and denim are also on the top of the list.