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Articles in English to Improve English Reading

Articles in English, English reading are in infinite variety on the web. Sifting through them to locate the ones, that offer the most suitable literary content for improving English, would be quite time-consuming and wearisome. First of all, not all the articles are written in perfect English. It is because the Internet is open to writers of all the nationalities. Most of the authors are inclined to think in their mother tongue and convert their thoughts into English afterwards, which would not sound rather natural. They create, edit and modify content from their perspective.

As a result, in the end we face a vast number of articles in English written in various styles circulating on the web. Some of them can be useful, but a whole lot –being downright rubbish- can be quite unfit for reading, especially for English learning students.

This situation does not arise if a writer happens to think in English and write in English concurrently. Then the outcome would be closer to the required standards. He would use much more suitable words and voice his opinions much more directly. His writings would undoubtedly deliver his intended message to his readers. However, we can only expect a native English writer to display these qualities.

And again, it is not prudent to assume that only native English writers can be expected to produce genuinely readable English articles. There are non-English writers too who can perform just as well. Sometimes native writers fail to convey the meaning to their readers. Few pay heed to elaborating the subject, which will keep their reader interested. Where native writers fail, writers without any English background sometimes produce interesting articles even though based on their limited vocabulary. So, lesson number one – find out, who is the author of the article before settling to read it.

What else would help you to improve English reading? What should the subject be about? The contents of the article should capture the interest of the student. Its contents should speak to the reader’s mind. Its contents should delight him, invoke enthusiasm and – well – make him forget everything else.

ECTV has a variety of English articles for our students. Dedicated to English learning, these articles let you have a lot of reading material to choose from. They describe the most effective ways to improve your English skills and let you know about the top ten tips for English learning. Being concerned with the development of our students, ECTV brings you the best of everything. English articles are no exception. So, happy reading!