English grammar practice

The Correct Way of English Grammar Practice

There are two noticeable approaches to practise English grammar. The first one suggests practising grammar as a subject. Students achieve results by following the typical classroom procedure as everyone does with any other subject. They would fulfil elementary grammar exercises, memorize the whole list of grammar rules, attend grammar classes, seminars, and workshops. All activities would concentrate heavily on their English grammar practice, in addition to ordinary usage of everyday English language of course.

But for beginners who desire a far simpler English grammar method, this studying technique would not work that well. It is quite evident. At the initial stage of learning a foreign language, no one is expected to be drawn towards its difficult part. In fact, it would be a genuinely difficult feat for a novice to complete a grammar exercise in an unfamiliar foreign language using the same foreign language as the medium of understanding that particular grammar practice. During such execution one would feel like performing a brain surgery on his brain on his own.

Now, the second approach is much more preferable for people who have only just started to grope their way forward with English grammar. Not surprisingly, this method doesn’t concentrate on English grammar that much. The student does not have to worry about learning grammar in advance. Being out of the classroom, this time, he has all the freedom in the world. Free to read anything that comes to his hand, listen to the radio, watch TV, surf the web, play games and interact with online communities. He is also free to make mistakes and free to forget them. What is vital in this method of English grammar is his repeated usage of the English language.

There is clear logic here and a proof in support of the second method. You may have noticed that children in English speaking countries start to communicate in English quite accurately at a very early stage of their childhood. They express their thoughts in English fairly well, they write sentences that convey a meaning, they quickly comprehend what we say, and they are quite happy with what they read in bedtime story books. Have they learned any English grammar rules? Certainly not, what they made use of was their daily practice of English.

In many ECTV English grammar videos, you can see this strategy put into action. Repetition and frequent usage of English are their primary motives. Talented programme hosts bring you interesting facts about world geography, history, society and much more. First, you determine the level of your English knowledge through a self-assessment test and then, all you do is click the play button on any video that suits you. With English grammar programmes like City Grammar, Grammar wise and E-lab, you can have a lot of grammar practice that is both entertaining and educative. Why wait? Start learning now with English grammar online!