English Grammar in Use

Putting English grammar in use

The best way students can improve their knowledge of the principles of grammar is to observe English grammar in use. Students who are attempting to learn English grammar are quick to realise that there are as many allowances as there are rules in the English language. Some may be able to comprehend and understand these rules by the use of simple grammar exercises. Some students may even learn the principals of English grammar by immersing themselves in the language while others may find they are somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of rules and practices in English grammar.

For those who are overwhelmed by the intricacies of English grammar, an approach that combines both of the above is most suitable to ensure they learn all aspects of English grammatical practices and rules. The first course of action a student looking how to learn to put English grammar in use must do is to first pay close attention to the subtleties of English as it is spoken and written. Students who are learning English as a second language have a distinct advantage here as they can compare and contrast the English they learned in their mother tongue. For example, students can try to analyse how verbs and nouns are used in English as opposed to how the same verbs and nouns are used in their native tongue.

Another approach that students may use is, by reading. Be it newspapers, magazines or books, reading in English enable students to identify correct grammar as well as point out and correct incorrect grammar in use. Actively searching for correct grammar and correcting incorrect grammar in printed material such as newspapers and books help students retain this knowledge and employ it when they are speaking or writing English.

Another excellent resource for learning and teaching oneself how to put English grammar in use is by way of the internet. A veritable treasure trove of grammatical knowledge, the internet offers students the option of learning grammar at their pace. One such ideal resource for learning and teaching oneself proper English grammar is the website English Club TV. Available at https://tv-english.club the site offers shows such as “Grammar Wise” and “Step By Step” that are designed specifically to help students improve English grammar. Formatted in a very entertaining game show or news and discussion format similar to programming on TV, ECTV offers students a unique method of learning by combining education and entertainment.