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Travel Programmes in English for Travellers

ECTV takes you to places while teaching you English. A change of scenery is said to be good for everyone. ECTV applies this maxim to their English video lessons. Presenting a series of travel programmes ECTV aims to improve your knowledge in both geography and English. You get to know about the forgotten back alleys in London as well as impressive places around the globe that is worth a visit.

‘Spot on the Map’ is a leading travel oriented programme brought to you by ECTV. Matt Gedge plays host and becomes your guide amidst the bustling city of London. His specialty is the way he selects the “Spot on the Map” choosing exotic places you rarely find in a travel brochure. On one occasion, he visits a bar called “Cock-pit,” a little known hotspot that was once a monastery.

Anyone watching ECTV’s ‘Spot on the Map’ becomes naturally attracted to it. For one reason, you see parts of London that you had not noticed before even if you had been living there for some time. Secondly, when Matt points you out these delightful hideaways he makes a clean job out of it, disclosing all information about the site. He relates its history, explains its location and shows you the place inside out.

In addition to ‘Spot on the Map’, the English laboratory E-lab also plays a pivotal role in teaching English through travel programmes. Conducted by the talented English speaker Chris Shaw, he invites English teachers from other countries, and he lets lots of international students participate in E-lab travel programs. E-lab’s ‘Fabulous Destinations’ is one such programme. Here, the English teacher selects a place somewhere in the world and invites the students to join in for a lively conversation on the place.

Chris Shaw and his teachers use a large touch screen for better interaction with their students. The touch screen also helps students to understand the lessons much more efficiently, than when they learn in an ordinary classroom. ECTV’s E-lab is indeed a learning-driven laboratory.

ECTV also offers you ‘City Grammar’, a travel program dedicated to grammar and travel. Its grammar lessons are easy and comforting. ‘City Grammar’ has understood the hardest part in English for travellers and does a great deal in explaining it to them.