Favourite dishes of English People

Unique and Favourite dishes of English People

England boasts of a large variety of dishes. But most of the recipes are dishes adapted from Fusion Food through British colonisation of foreign countries such as India, Italy, Pakistan, and other countries. However, British people have protected their identity through their dishes despite having more and more foreign influences. The favourite dishes of English people, therefore, will fill a long list, and most of them are very delicious.

Bedfordshire Clanger

In the 19th century, Bedfordshire Clanger was first recorded in the country of England by the same name. It is a type of a pasty, a part of which contains a savoury item while the other part contains sweet. It is like offering a main course and a dessert all in one single dish. Traditionally, the English steamed this dish, but they do bake the dish as well. Its crust which protects the filling within is hardly eaten.

Small pieces of meat, diced potato and vegetables fills one part, and jam or apple filled in the other part. Other fruits can also form the sweetened part. Traditionally, women prepared Bedfordshire Clanger as lunch for their husbands who engaged themselves in agricultural work. Most hotels, restaurants and local inns serve Bedfordshire Clanger now.

Buckinghamshire also serves a similar dish. It is called Buckinghamshire Bacon Bader. The ingredients for this recipe comes from Buckinghamshire and include potatoes, onions, and bacon.

Bangers and mash

This dish is known as sausages and mash as well. The ingredients include sausages and mashed potatoes. Types of sausages may differ from pork to beef and sometimes to Cumberland sausages. The dish sometimes includes fried onions, baked beans and onion gravy. Other than the British, people in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia serve Bangers and mash. The dish is very popular because people can prepare a large quantity of it very fast. The dish is common in Irish pubs in the USA.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The British prepare Chicken Tikka Masala by roasting chunks of chicken with a spicy sauce. Originally from India, Chicken Tikka Masala is a very traditional dish. One time, it was recognized as the national dish of Britain by a 2001 government minister. People prepare Chicken Tikka Masala by marinating chicken chunks in yogurt and spices. After that, the preparation is placed in a tandoor oven and baked. Hosts serve it with a mix spice sauce called masala. Ingredients for the sauce include tomatoes, coconut cream, and a variety of spices. Turmeric, paprika powder or tomato puree is used to give its orange colour.


There are many types of cobbler dishes in Britain and the USA. A large baked dish that is made up of many flavoured fillings then gets batter or scones as its coverings and baked. It resembles a pie with a crust on top and bottom. Cobbler recipes have come to England from America and the first dish recorded in 1859.

Other favourite dishes popular in England include Black Peas, Beef Wellington, Bubble and Squeak, Cottage Pie and Shepherd Pie, Victoria Sponge Cake, Treacle Tart, Summer Pudding, Spotted Dick, and Scones. There are also dishes in Britain called Syllabub, Saffron Cake, Mince Pie, Lardy Cake, Jam Roly-Poly, Knickerbocker glory, Cornish Hevva Cake, and Gypsy Tart, to name a few.