nightlife in london

Top ways to enjoy nightlife in London

The nightlife in London puts the city on the map. The night clubs are the most happening and hip places for those who want to party all night long. For those who prefer an intimate night out, there are bars, clubs and theatre to keep you amused and have an enjoyable night out!

Some of the best nightclubs in London include the following,

Pacha – Located in the dowdy Victoria Station, the club is decorated with glitter balls and chandeliers, allowing the lights to reflect off its glamorous stained glass ceiling.

Ministry of Sound – This is the place to be and seen in London and a favourite place for all party people. Many of the Big DJs are often seen performing here.

XOYO – This is a place for those who love art, music and culture. The club situated in a quiet complex on an Old Street has an airy space for dancing, drinking and just hanging out.

Fabric – The ambiance is unique with seating that depicts beds, and the sound system lays buried in the floor. A must experience for all hardcore night clubbers.

For those who are looking for something laid back, then a night out at the local London bars, pubs or some of the private venues are worth checking out. Some of the places of worth visiting include,

Callooh Callay – This is a favourite place with a changing cocktail menu and is hidden behind a Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-esque doorway. The experience is often very relaxed and enjoyable.

Doodle bar – It has a unique setting and appeals to those creative individuals. Often this place is discovered through word of mouth or an accidental discovery, either way, it’s a very unusual place. The basic concept is for guests bring out their artistic talents on the blank canvas that is the chalkboard walls and bar. The venue regularly hosts life drawing classes, comedy, music events and serves dishes made of organic produce.

Old Tom and English – A place that has to be reserved well in advance. It’s an adventure to visit this place, as guests have to ring the doorbell of a heavy slatted wooden door if a prior booking is made then the guests are escorted through a hidden hatch into an intimate dining area. This bar and restaurant take on a 1960s appearance.

For anyone who looks for more than just a dinner and the ambiance, but love the entertainment as well, check out the Proud Cabaret City, Cafe de Paris, Madame Jojo’s and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern are just a few.

The British love to enjoy good food and entertainment and many rarely spends time at home on the weekends and with this sort of entertainment and food, who can say no!