UK bodybuilders

Inspiring UK bodybuilders

The product of Heavy Duty Training system, Andy Palmer holds a top rank among UK body builders. He has been engaging in short workouts with a few gears during the past decade. He typically trains two days a week – Monday and Thursday for different parts of the body. He is known as ‘Man of the Steel’ as well. Five feet and eight and a half inches tall Andy has recorded his best lift as 501 lbs-power rack deadlift. He recorded this without wearing a training belt.

UK bodybuilders: Darren Ball

Hailed from Leicester, UK, Darren Ball was born on January 1, 1980. He is a father of two children: Alfie and Ellie. An owner of a gym, Andy by profession is a bodybuilder. He says that he has been playing soccer since he was 16 years of age before hanging on body building practices at his 20s in 2001. Amongst his wins are the first place at Belgium Hercules in 2008, first place at EFBB Leicester Heavyweights in 2006, and the First Place at UKBFF British Finals Heavy Weights in 2007 to name only a few.

UK bodybuilders: Mark Stevenson

Stevenson stands five feet 6 inches tall, and he weighs 210 lbs. His massive chest of 49 inches and long arms of 21 and a half inches and legs of 27 inches and waist of 34 inches fill a large space thus impressing everyone who looks at his colossal appearance. His recorded best lift weighed 400 lbs.

UK body builders: Noah Sidibe

Noah was declared the winner from 17 body builders for the first time at a competition in a spa. That competition paved the way for Noah to compete at the British Championship held in Nottingham the following year. He is now in the first timers of British champions. He is of the view that taking proper meals is the most important when training body building. His height reaches 6 feet, and 3 inches and his weight is 252 lbs.

UK bodybuilders -Pat Warner

One of the great personalities in the circle today, Pat Warner participated in the competition for the first time in 1999. He later clinched the championship of 82-kilo rank. Even though his weight is only 13 stone, Pat Warner has lifted some incredible weight such as 250 kg deadlift, 200 kg squat and 125 kg Benchpress. He is the creator of the training video ‘the Burn’.

UK bodybuilders – Paul Jenkins

Known as ‘Boulders’, Paul Jenkins entered his debut competition in 2004 in an EFBB light heavyweight class. Given the opportunity to select any of the categories: Intermediate, first timers and novices since he was a novice. He chose the weight class and came out winning the second place in the class defeated only by Luke Nicholas who later won the EFFB finals in the same year. Paul aims to win British Finals shortly.

UK bodybuilders -Trevor Crouch

Trevor became the champion at the 2011 WFBB and later starred significant characters in many popular films such as Snatch. He weighs 287 lbs and he is five feet and 11 inches tall. His recorded best lifts include 660 lbs Squat for five reps and 500 lbs-Bench press as well as 800 lbs deadlift.

Apart from these giants, the UK boasts hundreds of bodybuilders such as Troy Brown (Duracell), Zack Khan (The Freak), Albert Beckles, Tony Emmott, Bertil Fox, Tony Holland, John Lees, Reg Park, Brian Taylor, and Dorian Yates, just to name a few.