PhD in England

How to select a PhD in England

Thousands of international students pursue a PhD in England every year. Not only the United Kingdom provides quality PhDs but also the country offers a diverse cultural environment which helps students acquire an entire personality on their own. Moreover, the UK universities boast highly recognised research programmes. International students in the UK gain English language proficiency very soon which exposes them to very efficient job markets throughout the world.

PhD in England: requirements

England universities ask for different requirements from students for them to enrol in PhD programmes. For example, the universities with higher ranking seek students with high qualifications while less reputable universities opt for less qualified students. Most of the UK universities ask for a Masters degree or an undergraduate degree to award a PhD programme. Also, students must have sufficient fluency in the English language as well.

PhD in England: English qualification

PhD students have to pass TOEFL or IELTS for them to follow PhD programmes. Normally, the level needed for the university education in the UK is between 5.5 and 7.5 of IELTS and TOEFL level of 525 and 625. Those who qualified the GCE and Advance Level in English can also follow PhDs in UK universities. However, many UK universities provide intensive English courses for those who lack sufficient English language proficiency for them to pursue PhDs. Mostly, such courses take about 14 months to complete.

PhD in England: duration and cost

It will take about three years to complete most of the PhDs in the UK. However, some PhD programmes may take about a four-year period to complete their subjects. The cost of following a PhD will differ according to its stream. Therefore, PhD students must research websites to find out how much they have to spend on their selected PhDs. Even though universities states certain costs, students may have to spend more than the notified costs depending on their countries, accommodations, additional books and various other requirements.

PhD in England: researches

Many students prefer to choose a different university to the one they studied their first degrees for their PhDs. However, some students may select the same universities for their PhDs. It is, in this regard, advisable to research before choosing a university for following a PhD since students can choose affordable universities this way. However, students select only the PhDs they can follow based on their first degrees. Similarly, the universities also enrol only those who have the required qualifications for the particular PhDs.

PhD in England: Commencement duration

Most of the UK universities begin their PhD programmes in the months of September or October. However, students can follow PhDs any time of the year if they can self-fund them. When applying for a PhD, students should include their qualifications and their career history. They also have to state the subjects offered for their undergraduate degrees and research projects that they have carried out while facing the undergraduate programmes. They have to mention the research projects they prefer in the covering letter as well.