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What Constitutes a Good English Video lesson?

If you are a student looking learning English by self-studying, then you will have, by now, used some of the many English video lessons widely available today. The sheer numbers of such English video lessons may intimidate and confuse you as to which is the best. More often than not most providers will profess to have the most comprehensive video library required to teach English. However, do not pay heed to these claims at face value and rather evaluate these lessons before committing to a membership. When evaluating these English video lessons students must always consider the following.

  1. Does the English video lesson have clearly defined goals and objectives? I.e. does the teaching focus on one aspect of the English language or does it adopt a generalised approach and not delve into the details. One can always pick out a well formed English video lesson based on the objectives it sets out at the onset. The first few minutes of any good lesson should define its purpose and goal.
  2. Is the English video lesson an engaging one? For a student to spend even half an hour of his/her valuable time on a English video lesson it should be an altogether rewarding experience. Ask yourself, if you are watching TV, would you rather watch a show if it is monotonous or if it were vivid and fun? You would of course choose the latter. The same applies to English video lessons. If the presentation of the video is dull and uninteresting the chances of learning something valuable from it are negligible.
  3. Does the video have a clear link with reality? It does not mean you should watch “reality TV!” What we mean here is that the English video lesson you are about to invest in should be about day to day situations and the viewer should be able to relate its content into their daily routine.
  4. Does the video lesson have interesting characters? Would you watch a TV show or even the news if the cast or presenter is boring?

The best resource for anyone wanting self learning good English video lessons that meet all the above criteria is to visit would be English Club TV. The website offers a plethora of English video lessons, all of which are unique in style with fresh content. Here, the main attraction is the video lessons are all structured and formatted as TV shows and range from news, to business to sports and travel. All of which carefully focus on imparting distinct aspects of the English language in tandem with its format.