English video lessons

What Makes Good English Video Lessons?

If you happen to be a student whose aims are in self-studying English, then you will no doubt have come across the many English video lessons widely available today. The sheer volume of such video lessons may intimidate you and leave you confused as to which is the best. Many providers will profess to have the most comprehensive video library to teach English. However, it is best to evaluate these lessons before committing to a membership or study plan. When evaluating such video lessons one must always consider the following.

Does each video lesson have a clear goal and objective?

I.e. does the lesson focus on one particular aspect of the English language?

Or does it take a more generalised approach and gloss over the intricacies?

Always identify a well-formed English video lesson by the objective it sets out at the onset. The first few minutes of any good lesson should highlight its purpose and objective very clearly.

Is the video lesson an engaging one? If you are to spend even half an hour of your valuable time on a video lesson, it should be a rewarding experience. Ask yourself, when watching TV, would you rather watch a show if it is interesting or if it were monotonous or dull? You would, of course, choose the former. It should be the same with English video lessons. If the presentation of the video is dull and uninteresting the chances of learning something valuable from it are next to nil.

Does the video have a clear link with reality?

We certainly do not mean you should watch “reality TV.” What we mean is that the English video lesson you are about to invest in should be centred on and revolve around the day to day situations. And you, the viewer should be able to relate its content into your daily routine.

Is the video lesson conducted or hosted by an interesting character?

Would you watch a TV show or even the news if the host or newscaster is boring?

For those of you who are looking for English video lessons that meet all the above criteria, the best site to visit without any doubt is the English Club TV (www.tv-english.club) the website offers a plethora of English video lessons, all of which are unique in style and fresh in content. Undoubtedly, the English video lessons that are a part of their way of teaching are the site’s main attraction. These are all structured and formatted as TV shows and range from News to business to sports and travel. All of these programmes carefully focus on imparting distinct aspects of the English language in tandem with its format.