5 reasons to start learning English in 2018

Fluency in English is the freedom of communication, a privilege at work and the expansion of the range of your interests. As for the popularity of English, it is second only to specific Chinese and Arabic, which are less universal.

It is no doubt true that English is considered the language of business — it is used all international conferences, forums, negotiations and formalizing contracts, business agreements.

If you still doubt, there are 5 more reasons to start learning English in 2018, or even right now.

1. The prospect of moving up the career ladder

Fluency in English is still highly valued by employers. Do you want to move up the career ladder? Start learning a business English. You can freely negotiate with foreign partners, handle business correspondence, sign contracts on behalf of the company, present your company’s products in a new market.

In addition, all the latest webinars for those willing to become more efficient are conducted in English. You will always be a leader in innovations.

Are you going to build a career abroad? Knowledge of English will help you write a resume for a vacant position and successfully pass an interview at a foreign company.

2. Regular travel and transfers

To feel free and confident in another country, not to get lost in an unknown city and be able to converse with local residents, you need to know English. It is the most language in the world.

If you want to try local cuisine, you need at least an interpreter: all restaurants offer menu descriptions in the local language and in English.

3. Successful school / university education

Additional English lessons will help you at least improve your knowledges received at school and university. Learning English gives you perspective: you will know about the latest trends in the studied area thanks to research from all over the world, because all materials are translated into English.

The knowledge of the English language will help pass the entrance examinations to both state and foreign universities.

4. Expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons

You can read books, articles in the original language. You can watch movies in English and enjoy humor, which is often impossible to translate verbatim.

You have the opportunity to learn more about the new countries, their specifics, local people, cultural values ​​and customs.

Learning English also trains memory, develops your abilities to write, read and maintain a conversation. In addition, you have a chance to make an unforgettable impression at the first acquaintance, using the received knowledge.

5. Expand your social circle

English is the most popular language in the world. Having mastered it, you can overcome the language barrier. You will be able to learn more about the cultural peculiarities of your new acquaintances, their lives, habits and achievements.