Favourite dances of English People

Many and Varied Favourite dances of English People

The English enjoy dancing very much. Dancing is a big industry in England as well. There are more than 30,000 persons employed in dancing related work in England. Over 200 major dancing companies are also in operation in the UK. Dancing takes part in the West End musicals, operas, films, TV shows, live music and many other types of merrymaking events throughout the country. The West End musicals alone employ over 450 dancers, and hundreds of contemporary dancers also create attractive styles of dancing on a regular basis. Favourite dances of English People include a broad range of styles of dancing recognised by many names.

Types of Dancing

The English people like to dance according to every dancing type in the world. They may step according to the African dancing style or Bharatha Natyam dancing style. They also engage in belly dancing, bodypopping, classical ballet, flamenco, Kalari, Kathak, Jazz and Jive. They also follow the dancing styles of the Latin American national and folk dancing as well as line dancing. Tango, tap, salsa, square dancing and street dancing are other favourite dance routines that the English follow at present.

Morris Dance

Generally, a group of dancers engage in Morris dancing. Music plays a prominent part in Morris dancing. The rhythmic steps of the Morris dancers whose shins carry bell pads offer an unforgettable sight for onlookers. They also wield swords, colourful handkerchiefs and sticks while dancing. Roots of the Morris dance goes back to the 15th century. The original name of this dance type was Morisk Dance or Morrish dance. The Morris dance appeared in various countries such as Spain, France, Croatia and so on under different names. It arrived in England in the 17th Century and received the name, Morris.


A system of dance performance, ballet, was first recorded in Italy in the 15th century. It converted to concert type dance in France and Russia. After that, every country took to ballet dancing including England. Usually, it uses French terminology. The English train in dancing ballet over many years since they enjoy it very much. Necessarily, a Ballet dancer needs to undergo years of training if he or she becomes a professional ballet dancer. Many styles of ballet dancing exist today. Some of them are Romantic Ballet, Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, and Contemporary Ballet.

English Country Dance

Mostly couples participate in English Country Dances. Each dancer follows his partner’s step and couples also dance with other couples. About two to four couples take part in an English country dance. The French people first introduced the English Country Dance and then it went to Germany and from there to Italy. Angloise dance refers to English Country dance. In the 15th Century, country dance entered the court of Elizabeth I. The early type of country dance resembled Morris Dance which is also a favourite dancing system in England.

Belly Dancing

Another dance popular in England is belly dancing. It originated from the Middle Eastern region. A belly dancer mainly engages in enchanting rhythmic articulations of her torso. The method of belly dancing may differ from region to region. As it became popular, many new styles of belly dancing spread throughout the world including England.