English Stereotypes

A Few Characteristics of English Stereotypes

The British are a lot of God-fearing people. Most ordinary Englishmen, even the young English stereotypes, are religious. However, they enjoy having knowledge of modern theories, sophistication and innovation. Many of the British are persons of wit. They like laughing loud and relaxing. They dine out with a gleaming look at those at the table who are apt to wit. But they value those who are well-mannered all the time, at the dinner table, ceremonies, in the offices, in queues and even on a walk.

English stereotypes enjoy drinking Tea

Drinking tea, the English believe, energises their minds and souls. Even though every tea drinker has something positive to say in this regard, generally, the British are actively addicted to it that they consume over three cups of tea a day.

When the Dutch and Portuguese arrived in England in the 17th century, they brought with them the habit of drinking tea as well. Taken from them, the British eventually acquired the habit of tea drinking. Later, when they invaded and colonised countries in Asia, they used the colonial countries to grow tea for use in their country. Even today, they export tea in vast bulk quantities and have not got away from their dear habit of drinking tea.

English stereotypes Love Sunshine

The English love to travel in tropical places more than they do in other countries. They love the sun very much. Nearly every family tries to go on a summer vacation either in their country or abroad where they can enjoy the sun as they are eager to tan their pale skin.

English stereotypes love socialising at pubs

The British also like to frequent the pubs. A pub is a meeting place for social interaction. It makes them feel good, so many go there straight from their workplaces where they consume at least over four pints of beer. Thousands of pubs cater to their customers throughout day and night, because of this British tendency.

English stereotypes queue up

The British never disrupt a line. They despise those who do. They expect people, irrespective of their nationalities, to follow a line. A foreigner may believe the British are a highly disciplined lot to see the disciplinary attitude of the English in a queue. The British just feel that the norms of society shatter by push-ins. So they protect the orderly manner of queues in their day to day lives without giving a chance for anyone to push in lines.

English stereotypes Ignore strangers

The British try to get away from conversing with strangers. They avoid talking to strangers they meet at public parks, on beaches, and any other public place, at any cost. In fact, they feel utterly shocked if a stranger tries to talk with them on a street. Outsiders may think that the British are very proud because of this British attitude, but they become very friendly if someone gets formerly introduced to them.

English stereotypes say ‘Sorry.’

British people often say ‘sorry’. Perhaps, it may be the word they uttermost of the time. A Britisher passing another on a street may say ‘sorry’ feeling that the latter may be annoyed because of him. They will say ‘Sorry’ if they feel that they have unintentionally brushed another, block another from passing on roads, in buildings or any other locations. Likewise, for any wrong gesture that they make towards another, they will apologise to the party in question.

English stereotypes talk about the weather

The British seem to like talking about the weather. However, the UK boasts of pretty stable weather conditions, even though they do not have many sunny days most often. So they tend to talk about the weather very much.