English Speaking

Are you trying to improve speaking skills?

Having proper English speaking skills is an essential part of life in today’s world as it helps you open doors that would have previously been unavailable. One’s country of origin aside if one does not speak proper English, one’s ability to further oneself in life, be it from an education standpoint or a career standpoint, becomes severely impaired. For those who have the right motivation, attitude and commitment and are willing to devote the necessary time to improve speaking skills will gain the ability to communicate effectively. There will not be a problem in any area, be it social, professional or educational. If you are committed to improving speaking skills, there are many options available and at your disposal to achieve this goal.

If one prefers a classroom-oriented environment when it comes to learning then, you can enrol in a specialised English course focused on speaking skills. It may be through a school, library or even searching online. Such classes offer students the opportunity to learn from a highly trained, professional instructor and also focus your learning in a regimented and structured manner. A structured curriculum or syllabus, regularly scheduled classes, as well as constant assignments, help students to improve speaking skills in a fixed amount of time. The only drawback here being that such classroom learning requires a strong commitment over a long period and to a strict regimen of classes and homework.

If, on the other hand, one prefers a more relaxed and less demanding approach, then you may try self-learning. The benefits of self-learning being that it requires less of a commitment of time and is driven entirely based on how much interest and motivation one has to learn.

Self-learning is an approach that is favoured by many an international student as it lets them focus their attention on what they wish to advance at their pace and in their own time.

Of the many options available for self-learning such as self-help books and videos, the most successful by far is the internet.

There are many online websites devoted to self-learning English. Many sites take a far specialised approach by focusing on individual aspects of the English language such as pronunciation, grammar and listening. One particular resource that stands out amongst the many players in this arena is English Club TV. Students can navigate to https://tv-english.club/, where they will find a virtual smorgasbord of learning tools, designed as TV shows. Each show being categorised into pre-assigned levels, students are required to take a self-test.

Shows such as “Art of Conversation” and “Speak Up” are designed specifically to help students improve speaking skills.