British superheroes

The Most Popular British Superheroes Comics Created In UK

Youngsters and adults alike are fascinated by Superhero Comics. Be it in the 60s, the 90s or even the present millennium, comic book superheroes continue to make up a large part of every individual’s childhood. They have now even transferred from within the pages onto the silver screen, either as animated movies or live action films, notably the ‘Avengers’ series.

Amongst the plethora of mutants, high-tech gadget-wielding bat people, and human-friendly aliens, there also lie a multitude of British superheroes who have captured the hearts of superhero comic lovers worldwide. The following list denotes a few famous British superheroes who created a significant rise in global comic book sales:

  1. V (V for Vendetta)

The original comic strip for ‘V for Vendetta’ was produced in black and white, between 1982 and 1985, in the ‘Warrior’ series by ‘Quality Communications (UK)’. It was reprinted in colored in the US by ‘Vertigo, DC Comics’.

‘V’ was granted advanced reflexes, strength, pain tolerance and endurance as the only survivor of an experiment, where the prisoners injected with a compound called ‘Batch 5.’ He wears a trademark mask and assassinates members of ‘Norsefire,’ a dictatorship ruling the UK at that time.

The comic secured the 83rd place in the 1999 ‘Comics Journal’s’ poll on ‘The Top 100 English-Language Comics of the Century’.

  1. Johnny Alpha (Strontium Dog)

‘Strontium Dog’ is a long-running comic, first published in 1978 by ‘IPC Media’ and then continued production till 2014 under ‘Rebellion Developments.’

It features mutant galactic bounty hunter, Johnny Alpha, who is John Kreelman, the son of the anti-mutant politician, Nelson Bunker Kreelman. A member of the ‘Search/Destroy Agency’, his powers allow him to see through solid objects and read minds, and always equipped with many gadgets. Johnny continues to rebel against his father’s anti-mutant acts throughout the series.

The comic has many spin-offs including novels, audio dramas, computer games, films, and fanzines.

  1. Marvelman

‘Marvelman’ appears in the British comic series ‘The Warriors’ and its series ‘Marvelman.’ It was first published by ‘L. Miller and Sons (UK)’ and later by ‘Quality Communications (UK)’. The character was later revived by the American publishers: ‘Marvel Comics’ as ‘Miracleman’.

‘Michael Morgan’ is a young orphan who is granted super powers by an astrophysicist. By simply uttering the word ‘Kimota’ (reverse ‘atomic’ with a slight alteration), he transforms into Marvelman.

  1. Bananaman (Nutty)

Published in the ‘Nutty’ issue of 1980 by ‘D.C. Thomson & Co.Ltd’, ‘Bananaman’ is a parody of traditional superheroes such as ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Spiderman’. A schoolboy transforms into a caped figure with superhuman strength when he eats a banana.

Further, ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, ‘Sláine’, ‘Durham Red’, ‘The Steel Claw’, ‘Luther Arkwright’, ‘Adam Eterno’, and ‘Billy The Cat.’

Then there’s also ‘Tim Kelly’, ‘Robot Archie’, ‘Zenith’, ‘Jack Staff’ ‘Thunderbolt Jaxon,’ ‘Devlin Waugh.’ ‘Leopard’, ‘General Jumbo’ and ‘Cat Girl.’ Apart from those mentioned above, the British superheroes have taken their readers on many adventures maintain justice and protecting peace within the globe and beyond the galaxies.