English video lessons

Watch English Video Lessons and Learn English at The Same Time

One thing about ECTV English video lessons; they go viral. Programme variety and quality are mostly behind their success. The natural and comforting air of ECTV programme casters also helps significantly to attract children as well as young viewers. ECTV English video lessons bring them what they naturally like; drawing, cooking, small tasks and making things. Doing what they like, kids eagerly follow their English lessons by themselves.

ECTV English video lessons filmed in fascinating settings like palaces and famous cities, are quite captivating to watch. It is quite evident when you view the programmes ‘Spot on the Map’, ‘Worth Seeing’, ‘City Grammar’ and ‘Fabulous Destinations’ brought to you by E-lab. It is fun to learn English as you virtually experience romantic visits to historical places and listen to the engaging narration describing them by the programme hosts.

ECTV videos are a proper god sent if your kid is into learning English. They help develop your kids English in every way. Sharpening their listening, improving their grammar, helping them with their general knowledge and teaching them to read and speak, ECTV is a master key that can unlock any kid’s hidden talents. The advantage is that you get all of this just by watching ECTV videos.

For instance, if the child is slow to grasp the meaning of what is said to him, you can let him watch ‘What Did They Say?’ and ‘Flash Facts’ English video lessons. His listening capabilities would improve in no time.

Is his problem grammar? No worries. ECTV offers you ‘City Grammar’ and ‘Grammar Wise’. Lessons combined with travel and interesting facts, allow children to learn grammar while having fun. ECTV makes their point in never giving lessons for lessons sake. They primarily focus on your kids’ entertainment. Lessons come later.

If a student is poor in his pronunciation, you can select the appropriate programmes that aim his improvement in pronunciation. ‘Say It Right’, and ‘Perfect English’ are intelligent choices. The programmes show the exact way to move your mouth, lips and tongue when pronouncing English words.

In almost all ECTV English video lessons there is a distinctive feature. All programmes display on the screen the English subtitles of the programme narration in an easy to read font. It enables the learner to see in word-form what he or she missed in the audio stream. It also helps the student to learn his spellings since he can see the correct word while the programme is going on.