English for work

Learning English for Work and Your Success

At most times in our lives, we all have to work to make a living. Never a smooth process, it involves interacting with other people most often in English. You receive commands and instructions from people above you and act accordingly. Some people may request your service, and you assist them. Or you may interact with them by either buying or selling something. Whatever you do, it demands dealing with other people according to a particular way.

It is where your communication skills come in handy. Sound communication skills promote efficient work. When your work is productive the people, you serve, will come to you more often. People, who supervise you, recommend and approve your job immediately. So it is clear, progress and success of your work depends on better communication, especially with the parties concerned in your work.

English language enriches your communication skills. Verbally or written, fluency in English helps maintain high professionalism in your work. It broadens your job opportunities. People who come to you do not face language barriers. The position you hold in your workplace may not be that much, but if your English knowledge is exceptional, you will always be sought after by your juniors and seniors alike.

English Club TV is a first-rate teacher in English for work. Correcting your grammar, improving your listening, enhancing your word power, ECTV is your best choice as a virtual assistant in teaching English for work. Most important is their guidance in correct pronunciation, which is a core area in workplace English. In the programmes “Say It Right,” and “What Did They Say?,” ECTV provides an in-depth coverage of perfect English pronunciation. Lessons go far, including unerring movement of one’s mouth to produce the expected sound.

It is not only proper pronunciation, but also the other aspects of the English language that you require and should follow to accomplish your work are available in the ECTV programmes. E-lab plays an important part here. Students and teachers interact from around the world meeting and participating in English teaching programmes. E-lab lessons that show you how to build an acquaintance with someone you newly-met can come in very useful for you in your work environment.

ECTV reinforces its virtual assistance by providing you English subtitles in each of their videos. Videos are ECTV’s lifeblood. You learn everything watching videos. That’s part of the fun. In fact, that’s what makes ECTV lessons so successful. You sit in front your PC, don a pair of headphones and click on the video. You watch, listen and read (subtitles/instructions) and teach yourself. There is no need for a classroom to learn English for work.