English for kids

How important is English for kids?

English has fast become the world’s most widely used and commonly spoken language today and the need to learn English for kids has increased exponentially with this growth. Most countries have now embraced the English language as a common denominator in communication across a plethora of fields, from trade & finance to travel. It is this widespread use that has defined it as one of the most influential languages in the world and as such many parents prefer their children learning English as a second language.

It is important that parents teach their children English as almost every aspect of life now involves and requires some degree of English knowledge. Most businesses that handle international clientele, suppliers and business partners prefer to hire both native and non-native English speaking employees as this facilitates smooth communication in the course of their day to day activities. As such, having an excellent knowledge of English, can greatly improve the odds of finding good employment.

Apart from English for kids and its importance in the commercial arena, English is also critical in travel and tourism.

At least a fundamental knowledge of English is essential when travelling to another country to be able to ask for assistance, make conversation, etc. as part of the daily interaction with the local people.   It is interesting to note that over 900 million people around the world speak at least some level of English. A tourist or businessman with no knowledge of English will find it exceedingly hard to adjust and incorporate them into that particular countries culture.

English is also of vital importance to non-English speaking children when it comes to education. Consider a situation where a teacher does not speak the child’s native language. If both the teacher and student have no common language to communicate, then the child’s entire learning process breaks down. It is a situation that can be further exasperated if the child’s parents do not speak English as well. In the light of this, many parents will inevitably look for ways to teach themselves as well as their children English. One of the best resources available for learning English for kids is English Club TV. A visit to their web page at tv-english.club will give parents an insight into the abundance of learning material for children, especially in their “Kids Module”. Further, the site’s overall design in the format of a TV channel ensures children are engaged, and the learning process is fun and entertaining.