English for Kids

English for Kids – How much English learning is useful for children

There is no better time to introduce English for kids as in one’s childhood to start learning English. With English being the world’s standard language, children should be given the prospect to learn proper English from a young age. Such an early start is perfect when learning any language especially one as complex as the English language, as the knowledge learned can increase as the child develops and matures with age. Childhood is the ideal occasion to begin learning English as it affords the child ample time to study and learn all the aspects. A recent study by K Anders Ericsson has shown that it takes an estimated 10,000 hours of time applied to learn something well. As adults, we can very rarely commit 10,000 hours (almost 417 days) to learning English. However, a child can easily devote such an amount of time. Childhood is also a time where education is associated with enjoyment. As long as children are having a great time and enjoying themselves they will actively seek to learn without hesitation.

English for kids learning is useful for children because the language has permeated all aspects of life today. Take a sampling of subjects that interest a child; he or she may be interested in Science, Music, Sports, Technology, and Computers, etc. Although there are ample ways for a child or an adult to learn about any such issue in today’s information age, one commonality is found in all these areas. All subject matter on these areas is almost all available in English! It brings the need to learn English to the forefront of a child’s education.

To illustrate the knowledge an individual can obtain if they cultivate a proper knowledge of English from childhood, one need to look no further than the internet. An estimated 1,000,000,000 (one Billion!) pages of information are all in English! Consider also books, almost 85% of books published are in English, subject matter may vary but the language needed to access this information or entertainment is the same, English. The press is also another source of information and entertainment available all around the world in English, examples being publications such as Newsweek, Time, and Reader’s Digest. These periodicals are available all around the world but are only available in English.

Apart from information, critical fields of study such as science are also in English. Consider that in 2012, almost 96% of the articles in the “Science Citation Index” have been published in English. More interesting is the fact that less than 50% of these were from native English speaking countries!   English for Kids is an online English education programme on ECTV accessed on their website www.tv-english.club.