elementary English

With Elementary English – It is easy to learn English

Many students view learning English as an intimidating task. The time-consuming nature of classes and the daunting nature of the subject matter are the drawbacks for most learners. The cost consideration of classes, not to mention the dreaded homework that goes along with classes all contribute to the stigma of learning elementary English in the classroom. However, there are many tools at the disposal of students looking to learn elementary English. The caveat being that all learning requires a commitment in both effort and time. There are many favoured techniques to learning English by oneself. Apart from the standard classroom learning and books, there are many indirect ways students can teach themselves elementary English.

Small actions such as watching movies and television with subtitles are beneficial. Students are encouraged to watch movies they have seen before and focus on the subtitles. Visualising the sentences spoken and identifying new words will help improve one’s vocabulary. Listening to music and reading lyrics also helps improve vocabulary. Newspapers and magazines are also other valuable sources of vocabulary building. Students may find new words and terms that can add to their learning.

Students may also try to immerse themselves in an English rich environment such as with friends or family who speak English. In placing themselves in situations where they are forced to use their English skills, students give themselves the opportunity to interact and learn new words and terms. Considering that this is in a family, and friends situation, mistakes are not viewed as a negative thing and more as learning points.

Apart from these indirect methods to learning English, students have at their disposal a powerful and useful tool to learning English on the internet. The internet provides access to information in both visual and auditory form that helps students learn all aspects of the English language from grammar to vocabulary, to pronunciation. The benefit of the internet as a learning tool is that it is a “no pressure” approach to self-learning where students do not have to feel the effects of peer pressure when learning. One such web resource is English Club TV, a site where students have access to programming specially designed to teach elementary English.