English For Business

English For Business Communications

In many industries, the knowledge of English has become near mandatory for all involved. Workers need to have a proper and correct command of a comprehensive vocabulary dealing with specific concepts. Professionals also need a solid understanding of the language terms and lexicology of their particular business. English for business is particularly essential for those in specialised businesses, such as Engineering, Science and Technology, Computing, Medicine, and Law. Not only there must be an in-depth knowledge of the phraseology, terminology and lexicology relevant to their particular field but also require a detailed knowledge of the basics of English such as Grammar and pronunciation.

English for business has fast become a global language.   In particular industries such as the airline and shipping industries, English is regarded as the official standard language. As such, a good command of English is a necessity for key jobs, such as air traffic controllers, pilots or ship captain, etc. Furthermore, English has rapidly emerged as the principal language for finance and trading the stock markets around the globe. People wishing to trade globally need to have an excellent command in spoken English. The ability to write clearly in the English language is also crucial, like all forms of business communication, from emails to presentations to advertising and marketing to the relevant business agreements being drafted in English.

The advent and development of the internet age have also resulted in the widespread use of English for business in particular as a standard language for conducting online transactions and trading activities. Everything from corporate websites to business blogs to news sites is at present composed in English. Thereby enabling even small business owners in developing nations in establishing connections on a global scale selling their product to a near infinite market over the internet. To this end well written product and service descriptions, website content and marketing strategies in English are essential for attracting new customers and retention of existing ones.

One such resource that provides students with an excellent source of learning materials to learn the intricacies of business and corporate English, is English Club TV.

Prospective students can go to www.tv-english.club for more details. The site features numerous shows and programmes mainly to teach anyone how to communicate in a corporate environment.