Easy English

How to learn easy English for personnel development

If one is considering learning easy English, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the task at hand. However, one must always remember that there are many easy and fun resources at one’s disposal. Whatever one’s choice of English whether spoken, written, grammar or listening, the options for self-learning easy English are nearly endless.

One can start with a task as simple as watching TV at home. If the closed captioning option is available, this becomes all the more useful as one can both listen to and read the words spoken at the same time. It will help train one’s ears to associate the written words with its sound. Another similar option is to watch DVD’s with subtitles. These resources are available at your local library and are an excellent method of learning English by oneself.

One could also actively place oneself in situations that compel one to engage in simple English conversations. It can be achieved by seeking out native English speakers in locales such as grocery stores, bus depots, post offices and the like. By partaking in such exchanges of sometimes unobtrusively observing such exchanges between Native speakers, one can learn rudimentary English. Another good method of exposing oneself to new words and phrases is to read.

However, the best method of self-learning is to look on the internet. In today’s technologically savvy world, the internet offers a near infinite number of resources for self-learning easy English. Many sites offer students the option to learn the fundamentals of English, as well as even the more advanced concepts. Some offer specialised training i.e. focused on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and terminology whilst others offer a more generalised approach covering most topics.

One such website that is very popular amongst students is English Club TV. Accessible from tv-english.club the site is a comprehensive resource for students looking to learn English. The main part of the success of English Club TV is its formatting, in that the entire site is formatted to resemble that of a television channel, with various episodic shows designed to address specific English skills. For example, shows such as “ECTV Simple News” to improve pronunciation and “City Grammar” for students looking to improve their grammar. Another aspect of the site that has contributed significantly to its efficiency as a resource for easy English learning is that it initially offers students a self-test to evaluate their current comprehension and categorise them into 5 set levels. Once identified students can then peruse shows at each level as they gradually improve their English, all while having an enjoyable experience watching these online episodes.