Step by Step New season

The ‘Step by Step’ series teaches English traditional in a conventional manner with its easy to understand methods so individuals can learn to read, write and speak English using the correct grammar and context. The programmes are supported by a wealth of additional resources and material so that learners can keep themselves updated. These programmes are a deal for those who want to improve their English communication skills or want to score well on English examinations or professional tests. The episodes feature, some realistic situations that individuals encounter every day and how the English language is used, in these instances.

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The Language Of Business

The Language Of Business

Those who want to change language to English and learn the language, they can do so to enhance a career break or simply in furthering their understanding of the language. The Business English programmes designed are for individuals to achieve greater success in their careers and the marketplace. The programmes featured on English Club TV are structured in a manner that those who want to learn English can start learning at their pace and a non-threatening and pressurizing environment. They will also have fun learning a new language. With these programmes, learning English becomes interesting and enjoyable and is something that students will look forward to each week.

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Keep Fit

This keep-fit series by English Club TV will help you ease into a regular exercise routine that you can follow in the long run. Whether you are a novice or a pro it does not matter, always make sure to listen to your body and follow a workout that is best for your body. Exercise is the spice of life, just like English for life programmes that help individual brush up their communication skills in English, moving at a comfortable pace. The objective of this set of keep fit episodes is to assist individuals with different levels of fitness, enjoy the journey to keep fit, instead of simply opting to reach short terms goals.

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Grammar Wise. 2nd Season

With globalization, English has grown to be a worldwide necessity. Due to the advanced technology people maintain a lot of international connections. English is the most frequently used language for such communication. Nothing will do well if you cannot grasp and use the language correctly.

There are different ways to learn English strategically. The Upper-Intermediate programme of Grammar Wise – Season 2 is designed to include all the necessary paths to ameliorate the usage of English. Anyone who follows the programme will learn precise English with it. Tom Headley teaches the lessons in a charming method. Sole listening and observing the presenter will improve your English knowledge to a surprising scope.

The exact pronunciation and techniques of using the language will automatically develop your English language skills. The grammar try out will boost the standard of your communication skills. You will be able to use professional and exceptional English with the aid of this programme.

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Easy English

In One Word

In One Word on English Club TV is a fascinating series of episodes on ECTV’s B2 or Upper-Intermediate level that takes a truly one of a kind approach to teaching viewers easy English.

The premise of the programme centres on one’s favourite word and the significance the word holds in one’s life. The show features international students describing their favourite word, the reasons and also what impact it has had on their lives.

Although short in length, each episode gives viewers a unique look at the significance of English in the life of an immigrant learner. The stories told in easy English will certainly strike a chord with many viewers and leave many musing over their favourite word and the impact English has on their lives.

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Speaking to the World

Speaking to the World is an intriguing series on English Club TV’s Upper-Intermediate or B2 level TV created to motivate viewers to improve English. The show’s premise is a rather uncomplicated one. A camera crew walks around public access areas interviewing various strangers they meet asking questions relating to language.

Asking “What languages do you speak?”, “what challenges do you face in learning a language?” and “What is London for you?” will motivate anyone to improve English. They can also be a part of such an exercise. The spontaneity of the programme will appeal to viewers as the answers are candid and unscripted.

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English video online

Encyclopedia. Paintings

Presenting another part of the Encyclopedia series on English Club TV, Encyclopedia – Paintings is a series of the B2 or Upper-Intermediate level designed for art lovers.

Each informative episode in the form of an English video online is dedicated to a world famous masterpiece and details its history, artist and circumstances behind its creation. The series is not only informative about artistic masterpieces but is also an interesting way to learn new English words and terms regarding art & painting.

Each episode is narrated using clear English and is paired with stunning visuals of the masterpieces as well as their historical significance. Together with an on-screen text display of interesting facts makes it an engrossing English video online.

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English as a second language

Encyclopedia. The Great

Learn English as a second language travelling through time and getting to know famous personalities. From pharaohs and kings to scholars and scientists, learn about dominant personalities who changed the face of history and shaped the world as it is today!

Each episode tracks the rise of one great personality and describes in detail their achievements, successes and even downfall. Narrated in clear, concise English, the programme uses a combination of animation, images and actors to portray these famous personalities and their lives.

Stunning visuals, impressive audio and factual content combine to make Encyclopedia – The Great one of English club TV’s most informative and impressive documentaries through which viewers can learn English as a second language.

Easy English

Encyclopedia. Dogs

Part of the Encyclopedia series on English Club TV, Encyclopedia – Dogs is a series featured on the B2 or Upper-Intermediate level aimed specifically at animal lovers interested in improving their English vocabulary and learning English online.

Each episode highlights the history, origins, characteristics, temperaments and other trivia and facts about a particular breed of dog. The programme is entertaining and informative and provides many interesting facts about various breeds of dogs while also introducing viewers to new words, terms and phrases to help improve English vocabulary.

The host narrates each episode using clear and concise English and is accompanied by engaging visuals of the dogs, as well as their history. Accompanied by on-screen text of interesting facts makes it an interesting way to learn English online.

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english video lessons

Say It Right

Say it Right is a series of programmes featured on English Club TV’s B2 or Upper-Intermediate level that is designed specifically to improve viewers’ English pronunciation. Narrated by a native speaker, each episode describes to viewers the proper way to pronounce various English sounds and words through visual descriptions to show the correct use of lips & tongue, etc.

The programme describes the intricacies of English phraseology and lexicology, and the host uses easy to understand English and examples to illustrate the lesson. Learners can also practice their English pronunciation along with the host.

Say it Right is one of English Club TV’s most innovative programmes that will help anyone of any background who wants to improve English pronunciation.

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online english

Level Up

Level Up is a series of episodes on English Club TV that have been specially designed for students looking to learn online English, and who are interested in modern technology and innovation.

A charismatic native host describes stories relating to innovations in technology. The show also features a handy subtitle track accompanying the episode that follows the spoken word. Programme content varies from software developments to new gadgets and the latest scientific discoveries and innovations.

The hi-tech nature of the show is created to appeal to upper intermediate level students interested in technology and learning online English and helps viewers improve their technological vocabulary as well.

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speak English

Flash Facts

Flash Facts on English Club TV is the latest addition to its B2 or Upper-Intermediate level. The programme features trivia & facts from all over the world narrated by a host. The programme is informative to say the least because apart from the facts mentioned in the show, each learning English episode has its accompanying images and text animations to highlight new words.

The programme is ideal for English learners trying to get in some English practice as the facts mentioned noteworthy, to say the least.

Each episode is hosted by a narrator how narrates the facts in clear and precise English, which when combined with the interesting factoids makes the show an exceptional and unique method of learning English as a second language.

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