upper-intermediate level

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

English Club TV’s Upper-Intermediate (B2) level aims at students who are of a more advanced knowledge base than its Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels. English Club TV is a stunning resource for students who wish to learn English online at all levels. All online educational material designed by a panel of experts based in Great Britain focuses on ensuring students understand spoken English, learn the intricacies of grammar and learn new words, phraseology and terminology as well.

English learners who are looking to learn English online can have access to these lessons based on an online self-evaluation test of their current comprehension levels.

The Upper-Intermediate level also known as B2, spans four primary modules; Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Expansion and Grammar. Each level consists of English video lessons specially designed as “shows” and “episodes” cantering on current affairs, facts and day to day interactions.

Listening skills and Vocabulary expansion can be improved by watching shows such as “ECTV Simple News”, “Step By Step” and “The Week in Review”. Each show includes the episode and post episode tasks and downloadable glossaries to ensure students understand each episode. Students wishing to improve their Speaking Skills and Grammar have a choice of shows including the “E-lab” series, “Say it Right” and “Perfect English”. Each episode is designed to teach pronunciation, phraseology and vocabulary.