Step by Step New season

The English Club TV group is happy to feature a new season with a series of Pre-Intermediate English programmes called ‘Step-by-Step.’ The trainer is a professional in teaching English language. The programmes are easy to follow and understand. The programme introduces individuals to the everyday use of the English Language and helps them to identify the day-to-day objects they use. This series is designed to appeal to anyone who is not familiar with English, to help learners to master the language in a very short time and enable them to speak like a native English speaker. Don’t miss out on these episodes.

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The Language Of Business

The Language Of Business

The ‘The Language Of Business’ programme offers total English Upper-Intermediate level material for students. English is the most commonly used language in business, so this is the reason that many individuals in the commercial sector and interested in learning English are using it entirely in their business communication with clients. Learning English for business is very rewarding and will make you more confident in your career. Those who are well presented and speak English fluently will have a better chance of career progress and promotion. Learning English with ‘The Language Of Business’ television episodes will help you do just that.

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Keep Fit

Exercise is something that should not be forced on an individual, it should be something that they would like to do. Many people find strenuous works-outs a waste of time and de-motivating, which puts them off exercise and healthy living. However, the routines introduced in the initial levels in these programs have a small impact, and it’s easy to follow. It gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy exercising and to keep fit. The Interactive English used by the trainer is easy to understand, entertaining and engaging, giving everyone, young and old the opportunity to live a healthy life with a well-balanced exercise routine. Start exercising and learn English today.

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Here and There

Here & There

You may want to read and speak English in a better way. You feel like there’s so much for you to know about the English language, and it’s time to take control. Choose challenging material that allows you to acquire new words and expressions. Whether they are from newspapers, articles, magazines, short stories or novels you can learn to read proficiently by finding reading material of substance. Another good way is to talk to people who are fluent in the English language. It is an excellent method to help to improve your speaking and listening skills. It is also important to frequently practice speaking your new words, expressions, and phrases while aiming towards improving your pronunciation as well while you read.

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Grammar Wise. 2nd Season.

If you have the necessary knowledge of English but are confused in using the language correctly, then Grammar Wise – Season 2 is the perfect choice for you.

The programme consists of a series of episodes which will help to check your English and improve it. You can effortlessly learn the parts of English that once were impossible from this easily understandable structure.

In each episode, Tom Headley comes with a fresh and exciting video that will help you understand Grammar leaving no confusions. The practical sessions after each grammar lesson will help you to improve your level of English. You will be able to use English anywhere with confidence.

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english video lessons

Speak Up

Students who wish to learn English online and make their speech bright and vivid English Club TV’s Speak Up an exciting programme where viewers learn the proper contextual use and meaning of various English idioms.

The show is presented by a host who analyses and explains idioms, their meaning, origins and correct use in conversations. The host breaks down these idioms and shows how to pronounce these correctly using lips, teeth, tongue, jaw and facial muscles.

The host delivers English online clearly in easy to understand lessons helping viewers to learn to speak English and how to use idioms correctly in their day to day conversation. The series is designed specifically for Pre-Intermediate (A2) level students.

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english online

The Week in Review

The Week in Review is another series of English video lessons for A2 or Pre-Intermediate level students on English Club TV. Designed and presented to help students learn basic vocabulary and pronunciation in the form of a weekly news collage.

Created as a series of educational infotainment episodes and shown on a weekly basis. Students view the week’s most newsworthy stories narrated in a slow and precise manner by the host.

The Week in Review also contains a picture glossary to ensure viewers understand new terms and phrases, as well as the newsworthy facts of each episode. Tasks allocated to students center on each of the episodes to check their comprehension.

The dynamic of the show gives viewers a chance to learn English whilst learning interesting facts about each news item.

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english video lessons

Say It Right

Pronunciation determines your personality and something to be practiced from the very beginning of childhood. It is hard to produce the correct pronunciation later in mature years.

Realizing the importance of this, English club TV brings you what may have missed in kindergarten years. English video lessons to guide you like a child to say it right is another venture by ECTV.

Hosted by veteran English instructor Clair Ansell, the Say It Right programme gives the most precise articulation in English language. She makes the English video lessons quite interesting by teaching historical facts and proverbs.

Viewers find it easy to follow since she always starts at the basics before moving into the advanced level.

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Improve English

ECTV Simple News

ECTV Simple News is a series of episodes created on English Club TV designed to cater to students of A1 (Elementary), A2 (Pre-Intermediate) and B1 (Intermediate) levels. The programme is set to a daily news format.

Each episode starts by defining and pronouncing important words in a vocabulary / glossary segment. It is accompanied by an infographic of the pronunciation as well as spelling.

Each news story is delivered by the host using clear, precise tones, which emphasize the pronunciation and enunciation of each word and sentence. Set to a slow pace, it also ensures viewers not only understand the terminology and phraseology of each story and also the news aspect of each story.

Students looking to learn to speak English will find this very educational as well as informative.

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English online

Step by Step

There is a marvellous ability to learn small tasks, mainly when it is introduced step by step. With instructions provided in English, viewers not only do their work, they also learn to speak English.

Through the Step by Step speak English programme, English Club TV makes a splendid job of it. Learners learn small, everyday tasks, such as brushing their teeth. With his easy to speak English, Chris the programme host, shows the simple process, step by step, of course.

For the convenience of viewers, the articles he uses in the bathroom, such as toothbrush, toothpaste and faucet are displayed on the screen in big letters. For beginners learning to speak English, Step by Step is the number one quality spoken English programme!

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improve English

English Up

English upon English Club TV takes a new approach to helping viewers improve English while improving their knowledge about life in Great Britain as well. Hosted by a native speaker, the programme takes the innovative approach of showcasing mini-videos within the programme and then asking viewers questions on these videos to ensure understanding.

The host introduces various situations from public transport in London to eating habits in Great Britain. At the end of each clip, the host presents a Q&A section featuring questions of various difficulties. Viewers can confirm their understanding by answering these questions at home and seeing how many answers they do get right. From the start to end English Up is an excellent way to improve English fast!

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Perfect English

Georgia Alzapiedi shows learners how to pronounce “R” in English, online. She hosts Perfect English from the vicinity of the Royal Observatory. The name itself has a lot of “R” sounds to it. She explains in English online, the correct mouth movements to produce the desired effect.

Describing the location she picks out ideal examples to demonstrate the “R”, such as Greenwich, roof and bricks. She also lets students practice on colours noticed around the place, like red, brown, orange, grey and green.

She makes English pronunciations much more entertaining with tongue twisters: really weird rear wheels. It is the Perfect English programme for everyone to improve their pronunciation and learn something new.

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