ECTV Live Stream for Kids

English Club TV Kids is a unique educational channel streaming online that targets the youngest audiences. It is intended for kids aged 3 to 16. The main purpose of the channel is to help children learn English in a fast and interesting way. English Club TV Kids broadcasts a variety of edutainment program on different topics, such as cooking, making handicrafts, indoor and outdoor activities, school lessons, leisure and much more. Depending on age peculiarities, the program varies in ways of presenting new material, activities for practice and topics covered. By watching the programs, children will learn some basic vocabulary, improve their speaking and listening skills, develop abstract thinking, broaden their understanding of the world, and as a result, excel in a variety of areas. In addition, animated pictures and fun activities will increase the child’s motivation to study. English Club TV Kids is not only a good tool for learning English, but also can help children form a positive impression of foreign languages that will make them enjoy the learning process.