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Episode 3

Labour of Love on English Club TV is back with the third episode in the series. In this episode explore London’s nightlife. See how its numerous pubs are transformed into legendary music venues. Find out how these sites come alive at night to host young talented musicians as they play at these places. Meet one of these talented people and learn more about London’s nightlife all in easy English.

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Labour of Love 2

Episode 2

Episode two of Labour of Love on English Club TV takes you to Old Spitalfields market to meet Textile artist Harriet Riddle. Visit her at the “Papered Parlour” and find out why she has chosen a unique form of art to express her individuality. See what other artists do to be unique and what sets Harriet apart from the rest. Learning English online has never been so informative.

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Labour of Love 1

Episode 1

It’s all about individuality in Episode one of Labour of Love on English Club TV. Find out everything about people who work to bring out other’s individuality. Episode one features Mark Powell, a bespoke tailor who works out of Soho, London’s fashion district. See what he is busy with and why he does it, what motivates him. You may also learn new words and get some English practice as well while watching Labour of Love.

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