Step by Step New season

The program ‘Step-by-Step’ by ECTV is a TV series that helps individuals learn Intermediate level English, whether it is needed for daily communications or for careers. These exciting programs are useful for learners of any age. Each of them includes different aspects of learning English, such as improving listening, speaking and writing skills. The best thing about these series is that you can watch them over and over till you have mastered the lesson.
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The Language Of Business

The Language Of Business

The ‘The Language Of Business’ programme offers total English Upper-Intermediate level material for students. English is the most commonly used language in business, so this is the reason that many individuals in the commercial sector often use it in their business communication with clients. Learning English for business is very rewarding and will make you more confident in your career. Those who are well presented and speak English fluently will have a better chance of career progress. Learning English with ‘The Language Of Business’ television episodes will help you do just that.
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Keep Fit

In the modern world, many people find strenuous work-outs a waste of time and boring, which puts them off exercise and healthy living. Therefore, they do not get motivated.

“Keep fit” is a program, which makes sports pleasurable even for the laziest people and also helps them learn English. The trainers show and explain different exercises in English. These lessons are very interesting and easy to understand. They give everyone, young and old, an opportunity to live a healthy life with a well-balanced exercise routine. Do sports and learn English with “Keep fit”!
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Grammar Wise. 2nd Season

If you occasionally make grammar mistakes, “Grammar Wise” is the perfect choice for you. This program consists of a series of episodes that will help you to improve your English. You will be able to learn the language effortlessly. In each episode, Tom Headly, the host of the program, shows exciting videos that will help you improve your grammar skills. At the end of the lessons you will be asked a few questions related to the topics of those lessons. Watching our program day by day, you will be able to speak English with confidence.
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improve English

English Up

English Club TV has taken a new approach to helping viewers improve English. In “English Up” program we tell about the British way of life. A native speaker hosts this program. His lessons are devoted to various topics – from public transport to eating habits in Great Britain. A the end of each video viewers can check how much they have learnt by answering a few questions related to those topics. Watching “English Up” is an excellent way to improve your English!

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english online

The Week in Review

Hey everyone, have you ever wondered about watching ECTV English online in real time streaming video? It is what you may have longed for all this time. You can connect to the last-second-updated programmes on ECTV!

Your favourite programme casters appear face to face with you through live streaming video. They have dedicated themselves for you around the clock to improve English online.

It is a helpful and informative English online service by ECTV. It has two options. English Club TV live stream and ECTV live stream for kids. Watch the Week in Review; a rundown of incidents during the past week, Spot On The Map in live mode, and much more entertainment news, is only a click away!

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english video lessons

Speak Up

“Speak up” is an exciting program, which help viewers learn the proper contextual use and meaning of various English idioms. The TV show is presented by a host who analyses and explains their meanings, origins and correct use in conversations. The host shows how to pronounce those idioms correctly using lips, teeth, tongue, jaw and facial muscles. Thus, these lessons allow viewers to learn idioms and at the same time practice their English pronunciation.
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Improve English

Say It Right +

“Say it right +” is a series of episodes on English Club TV with a twist. Created for students looking to improve English, the TV show puts a medical spin on treating Language Germs. Much like patients go to the emergency room for the treatment of illness, viewers can turn to “Say It Right+” for the treatment of all their language-related illnesses.

Hosted by a native speaker, each episode focuses on common misnomers in the English language. The host uses clear, concise English to analyze and explain various confusing English terms.

Each episode ends with the summary of the materials discussed during the episode where the host recaps the lesson. The medical concept of the show, as well as the host’s portrayal of a nurse, makes the show fun and engaging for viewers.
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english video lessons

Say It Right

“Say it right” is a program aimed at those who want to learn or improve their pronunciation. Words are spoken clearly and slowly to ensure the understanding of the content. First the host of the program tells the theory of certain sounds. Then she uses those sounds in words, giving viewers time to repeat them. After that, she composes the words into sentences. Moreover, the TV show features interesting facts about how words originated and came into use today.
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Perfect English

Do you want to speak English like native speakers? “Perfect English” is a series of video lessons designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation. A host conducts the program outdoors. She visits different places of Great Britain and tells about them. Speaking English slowly and clearly, she explains the pronunciation of sounds in particular words. “Perfect English” is aimed at students from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate levels interested in learning language online.
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English Lessons online

Labour of Love

This is a series of documentary style videos, both entertaining and informative. Each episode is devoted to the work of creative people from all around London. In this program successful people ranging from bespoke tailors to cafe owners tell about their achievements at work. Such videos motivate young viewers to gain professional development and learn English.
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Improve English

ECTV Simple News

English Club TV has designed a series of episodes titled ECTV Simple News to teach English online by way of a daily news round-up aimed specifically at students of B1 (Intermediate) levels.

Each lesson is intended to improving English consists of vocabulary and glossary section where the relevant words are explained with correct pronunciation along with graphics to aid spelling and pronunciation.   The simple task or tasks allocated after that requires completion after viewing each news story.

The show is presented with emphasis on proper pronunciation and construction of sentences. The slow pace of the show offers each news story in a clear and easy tone. It ensures learners not only understand all the words, terms, and phrases, but also absorb the facts of each segment making it a truly novel way to learn English online.

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