Средний уровень английского

Intermediate (B1)

ECTV is always thoughtful about how well you progress in your English lessons. We want you to move on beyond the basics.

To improve English past the basic level we are bringing you a series of English online programmes meant to help you to reach an intermediate level (B1) successfully as well.

The concentration on a wide range of sub-programmes to improve English online is the goal of E-lab. Fabulous Destinations, Flavours of the World, Language Boosters and Survival English are some of them. Chris Shaw the programme host invites highly experienced English teachers to conduct the show and sums up the programme with a fun quiz at the end of each lesson.

ECTV also enhances the listening capabilities of our youngsters with English online feature programmes such as What Did They Say?, The Week in Review and ECTV News. These programmes do an incredible job by displaying on screen what is said and analysing difficult areas to improve English.

Grammar Wise deals with the most vital area of the English language. In this show, the programme hostess Kathy simplifies what appears to be the most complicated area in English language.

Speak up superbly develops your pronunciation skills whilst Step By Step is entirely dedicated to beginners in English online. Evolution, English 911, Spot on the Map and Flash Facts not only improve English for learners, but also increases their general knowledge.

Why wait? Start on your lessons now!