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Episode 3

She is Spanish. But she makes her voice heard in the world. Alba Perez Barrera selects “being abroad” as her favourite word. It is a must watch video that offers English for tourism.Alba highlights the important aspects of being abroad: meeting different people, visiting new places and getting acquainted with different cultures, societies and lifestyles. In short she speaks great English for tourism.

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In One Word 2

Episode 2

This time the camera focuses on Bernd Knufer from Germany. Once a soldier, he attaches much importance to the word “Peace”. In perfect English, he recalls in mind what he underwent as a youngster at those times when the military service had become compulsory for German youth.

Describing what his favourite word would be like, Bernd makes his point: war is futile. His speech is ideal for people interested in perfect English. Click play and become a speaker of perfect English.

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In One Word 1

Episode 1

In One Word is a unique programme that addresses an individual’s favourite word. People describe each of their favourite words in different English tenses. The first episode is from Tim Joris Kaiser from Belgium. He uses a range of English tenses to describe the word he has in his mind, the “genuine” word. Listen to Tim on ECTV and improve your knowledge of English tenses to a higher degree.

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