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Magic Science


Okey – Dokey


Words to Grow

“Words to grow” is an animated series that helps children learn English vocabulary. Kids get to learn new words featuring various situations from around a certain location. The lessons are accompanied by enjoyable sounds, colorful graphics and illustrations. Once the new words have been explained and repeated at least twice, viewers are offered to pass a small test to get ensured that they have learned the new words.
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Yummy for Mummy

A principal objective of English Club TV is to enhance your kid’s English. In program “Yummy for Mummy” children learn culinary art, listening to easy instructions given by the English teacher. Wendy Hawkins is both a teacher and a chief. With her perfect but easy English, she gently guides her pupils in preparing different dishes. Wendy helps her students whenever they have difficulties. Easy and interesting lessons help children easily improve their English, as well as learn to make tasty dishes.
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My Little World

Kids’ world is always exciting. “My little world” is a program, which allows them to express their thoughts in English. In this program, children are offered a large drawing board, on which they illustrate their colorful world of imagination. As they paint, teachers applaud and comment the things that appear on the drawing board. Our program helps kids learn English, as well as express their emotions through creating works of art.
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Word Party

“Words Party’’ is one of programs by ECTV, designed for English learners aged from 3 to 6. The host of the program names various items found in different locations. The lessons are accompanied by enjoyable melodies and vivid colors used there make learning English fun. “Words Party” encourages children to explore their surroundings and learn English online. The variety of topics featured in the program makes “Word Party” an excellent tool for parents who want their kids to learn English online.
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Kids In Action

Does your child love sports? This short English Club TV’s program takes kids to the center of a football ground, where smiling youngsters are at play. Single words that enable children to identify familiar sights on the football field are clearly pronounced and shown on the screen. Small arrows point at the objects that the host of the program talks about. The introductory words are later included into sentences. With “Kids in action” your child enjoys watching football while learning English.
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Crafty Hands. 2nd Season

Chris Cole and his “Crafty hands” are back! In the 2nd season he teaches young viewers English with his friend, parrot Malee, who wants to learn the pronunciation of words. Learning English has never been so easy! Chris shows and explains, how to create handicrafts from different things. Listening to him, Malee chirps approvingly, fluffing its vibrant plumage in excitement. These enthusiastic presenters encourage children to learn English and create beautiful things by themselves.
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Crafty Hands

This is one of the programs, which helps children learn English in a creative way. Chris Cole, the presenter of “Crafty hands”, tells our small viewers in English, how to make handicrafts from unneeded items at home. He describes and shows the whole process, step by step. As he lists the things needed to create a handicraft, their names appear on the screen. Kids learn English and develop their creative thinking simultaneously. Thus, learning English becomes fun!
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Art Land

Program “Art Land” is a part of ECTV’s kid module which helps children learn the English language in a creative way. In each video lesson our resourceful teachers show how to create simple and cute works of art, explaining the whole process in English. Therefore, these episodes will help children not only learn English, but also develop their creative imagination.

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English lessons

A School Day in the UK

“A School Day in the UK” is a series of learning English videos featured in the Kids section of English Club TV. The program follows primary students of the International Community School and documents their daily lessons from a kid’s point of view. Each episode features different lessons ranging from Math to Environment Studies. The primary focus of each lesson, however, is the introduction of new words and their meanings. A pop up at the bottom of the screen highlights the new words. Each lesson features bright animations that help to explain the various aspects of the lessons.

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