The English Club TV的视频频道是所有ECTV全球视频直播节目单中最特别的一个。它是在线学习英语的一个极佳的方法。作为最好的英语电视频道,直播视频流涵盖了ECTV最好的一些节目,并全部可供您选择。



Classical Harmony

Classical Harmony is the world’s best collection of fine arts, accompanied by the masterpieces of classical music.
We haven’t invented anything new, we have just given a tangible form to the things that will live on through the ages.
We create an atmosphere that immerses viewers into a state of total relaxation,
with classical music complementing the process.
Classical Harmony is the first and the only one IPTV art channel in 4K.
We recommend you to switch off all of your devices, sit in a comfortable armchair, relax and enjoy Classical Harmony!