Episode 3

If you are wondering on how to learn English and exercise at the same time, watch the English Club TV’s new series ‘Keep Fit’ that features low impact exercises for anyone who wants to stay healthy and trim and also sharpen their English communication skills. The personal trainer Anna Reich explains everything in simple English.

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Episode 2

This episode of ‘Keep Fit’ is designed to make sure you are ready for any upcoming celebration, with well-toned abdomen muscles. The personal trainer, Anna Reich explains the workout in simple English. This gives non-native English speakers the chance to improve your English and have a great workout at the same time.

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Episode 1

The development of our bodies is for movement and activity. This ‘Keep Fit’ series will show you how. In the first episode, Anna Reich, Personal Trainer, will show you how to do three fitness exercises for the lower part of the body. These practices explained in the English intermediate level allows anyone to understand.

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