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Episode 3

Episode three of Evolution on English Club TV takes on an interesting topic for discussion; Ice Cream! Find out when and where the ice cream was invented, who introduced it to Europe, who developed the first recipe and other interesting facts. Evolution on English Club TV takes English Lessons online to a whole new level of fun and learning.

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Evolution 2

Episode 2

Evolution is English Club TV’s latest innovation in English video lessons. Episode two is a video essay on the origins and development of books. Look back to know why books were invented and how they evolved from primitive writings to the sophisticated medium they are today. Viewers are sure to enjoy the descriptive animations of Episode two of Evolution on English Club TV.

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Evolution 1

Episode 1

English Club TV proudly presents Evolution. It is the most creative addition to the set of English online learning videos. Evolution is an interesting sequence of exclusive video essays. Episode one takes a detailed look at the progress and so important inventions it brings to human lives. Follow your host’s describing in English the impact of the things we create. The series features a unique mix of live action and animation that will indeed take English online learning to the next level.

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