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Episode 3

Episode three of English Club TV’s Business Time focuses on the Americas and Europe. Visit the Annual Detroit Car show, and then travel south to the border to Mexico to experience the latest fashion in transport. From Europe come newsworthy stories about the Greek elections and the impact a weaker oil price is having here in the UK. Keep watching and learn some invaluable English for business.

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Business Time 2

Episode 2

Host Andy Rudd is back with Episode two of English Club TV’s “Business Time”. This instalment of the show focuses on the US this week, beginning with the Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Episode two also focuses on Car sales as an indicator of how well an economy is doing. Legalisation of drugs is another feature of this Episode. Business time is a wonderful means for learning Business English online.

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Business Time 1

Episode 1

Business Time on English Club TV is a unique series of business English videos aimed at B2 or upper-intermediate level learners. Join host Andy Rudd in Episode one as he takes a look at the drop in oil prices and how it has been affected by the world’s quest for renewable energy. Also, see how the largest one-day decline in value of Russian currency is affecting business and people.

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