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Episode 3

The City Centre Aberdeen is Worth Seeing For English Practice Online. The friendly programme hostess takes you to the city and its sights. Her reference to architecture, culture and economy of Aberdeen offers you English practice online.

Your English improves as the lesson prompts you to get details of the University of Aberdeen, Marischal College, Dialect of Doric, and Aberdeen harbour with a thousand years history in the fishing industry.

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Worth Seeing 2

Episode 2

Experience a wild ride in a safari jeep along S. African plains in this English video online. The road is through Addo Elephant Park, where wild elephants and lions are in their natural habitat. Your guide, with a strong African accent, is well rehearsed and seasoned trekker. This video features him driving the jeep and stopping to explain interesting facts about wild animals.

Attentive listening will help you to find the answers to multiple choice questions displayed on the screen before your guide starts a new subject. But even if you miss something, never fear. ECTV will help you with the answers.

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Worth Seeing 1

Episode 1

The series teaches how to compare things and how to develop your listening skills. The host in a fatherly and natural manner helps us to find the answers to the questions asked at the beginning of each new lesson. ECTV displays these questions on the screen with a choice of possible answers. That can help you get more focused on watching the online English lessons.

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